Dawson from the Lincolnshire fens

We have accumulated a lot of information about the Dawson family for the period 1750 to early 1800's from Parish records, inscriptions in St John the Baptist Church, Great Hale, Lincs, and so on.  Trying to piece it all together is proving rather difficult as there were numerous Dawson families in the area  - they may all have been related but it still makes for potential confusion  and plenty of opportunities to jump to wrong conclusions!  We believe the relationships shown below are correct and that John (husband of Anne) is related to John & Martha, perhaps their son, BUT there are several conundrums, including some aunts and uncles we can't fit in.

If you are related to, or have knowledge of any of these people, their descendants, or their predecessors, I would love to hear from you.. The data I have includes some more information about them, and photographs of the familiy graves and memorials in Great Hale church.

The major issue in the conundrum is that Edward, Mary and William Thompson Dawson had aunts / uncles who do not appear to be children of John & Martha!

Place names relevant to these people include:

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