Queen Victoria (1819-1901) 

m.  1840
Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha (1819-1861)

Victoria Adelaide Mary, Princess Royal King Edward VII, 

see below

Princess Alice Maud Mary

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Prince Alfred Ernest Albert Princess Helena Augusta Victoria Princess Louise Caroline Alberta Prince Arthur William Patrick Albert (1850-1942) 

m. 1879
Duchess Louise Margaret of Prussia (1860-1917)

Prince Leopold George Duncan Princess Beatrice Mary Victoria
Margaret of Sweden, Crown Princess

m. 1905
Gustav VI Adolf, King of Sweden

Prince Arthur of Connaught (1883-1938) 

m. 1913
Alexandra, Duchess of Fife 

Lady Patricia Ramsay (1886-1974) 

m. Admiral Sir Alexander Ramsay

Prince Gustav Adolf
Princess Ingrid Victoria of Sweden
(1910- )
Sigvard Oscar Fredrik, Count of Wisborg
(1907- ) 
Bertil Gustaf Oscar, Prince of Sweden
(1912- )
Carl Johan Arthur, Count of Wisborg 

(1916- )

Alistair Arthur. 2nd Duke of Connaught (1914-1943) Alexander Ramsay of Mar (1919-2000)

m. 1956
Hon Flora Fraser (Lady Saltoun) (1913- )

Katharine Fraser


This chart continues the family tree from King Edward VII and Princess Alice to Prince Edward and his family, the present occupants of Bagshot Park
Princess Alice
Grand Duke Louis of Hesse
King Edward VII

m 1863
Princess Alexandra of Denmark "Alix"

The name WINDSOR was adopted
in place of Saxe-Coburg & Gotha
in 1917
Princess Victoria
Marquess of Milford Haven
two brothers & four sisters Duke Albert Victor Christian King George V

m 1893
Queen Mary of Teck (May) (1867-1953)

Louise Victoria Alexandra, Princess Royal Victoria Alexandra Olga Princess Maude Charlotte Mary John Alexander
Princess Alice
(1885 - 1969)
Prince Andrew of Greece
two brothers & one sister     Edward VIII (abdicated 1937), Duke of Windsor 
King George VI (1895-1952) 

m 1923
Lady Elizabeth Angela Marguerite BOWES-LYON
(1900- 2002 )

Mary, Princess Royal Duke Henry William Frederick George Edward Alexander, Duke of Kent Prince John Charles Francis
Four sisters Philip MOUNTBATTEN , Duke of Edinburgh Queen Elizabeth II Alexandra Mary,
(1926- 2022) 

m 1947
Prince Philip
(1921-2021 )

Princess Margaret Rose
(1930 - 2002)


King Charles III
Charles Philip Arthur
(1948 - )
Princess Anne Elizabeth Alice, Princess Royal
(1950 - )
Prince Andrew Albert Christian, Duke of York
(1960 - )
Prince Edward Anthony Richard, Duke of Edinburgh (previously Earl of Wessex)
(1964 - )

Sophie Rhys-Jones

Lady Louisa
(2003 - )
James Alexander Philip Theo. Viscount Severn (2007- )


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