The Fina garage that I had understood to be Moore's garage half way along the bypass went (I think in the late 70's) and is now a tool hire business.    location

The Shell (previously Heron) garage on the A30 north of the village centre near the old Police Station closed in the late 90's and the caravan sales business that was behind it expanded into the whole site. The site usage evolved into an up-market used car sales business, but this relocated in early 2018 and the site razed, it is understoof for a husing development. location

More recently the Total garage on the bypass closed and became another used car sales business. This in turn closed and the site is a hand-car-wash. location

The Texaco (previously National) garage on Jenkins Hill has also closed and the site was for quite a while used for a car wash & cafe. It is now another used car sales site..location. The former Shell, Total and Texaco sites retain the large canopies that they had on the forecourts when used for petrol sales

The Murco garage on Guildford Road is now a tyre and exhaust fitters.. location

The Hart Dene garage on Bridge Road was demolished and replaced by yet another office block.. location
Graham recounts "I was the mechanic at Hart Dene garage in Bridge Road from 1969 until 1975 and I enjoyed working in the village which was a lot quieter in those days. At the time the site was run by Fishers Caravans and the show area was at the rear of the garage. I have many fond memory's of the time I spent there." [Aug 11]

The Central Garage has long-since gone (more).

Six old fashioned petrol pumps, with a canopy above build as a tiled roof on brick pillars.  Two men standing by the pumps.Moore's garage

The picture to the right was provided by Yvonne and shows a Shell garage on the corner of Bridge Street and the bypass as it was in the mid 1950's. The two gentlemen are the proud joint owners, Chris Course (in the trilby hat) and Fred Moore (in the overall). This is now the site of the BP filling station, the only petrol station still open in Bagshot. Note the Queen Anne Café in the background.  555.506   location

Expat Robert Allen writing from Canada adds that Moore's garage later moved down the road to where the old Fina garage was. 604.606

Ian Davidson asked "Does anyone recall a garage called Moore's operating in Bagshot during the 1940's? It would have been providing transport facilities to Vickers Armstrong in connection with Spitfire production. If anyone has any recollection of Bagshot's contribution to the war effort by way of location and work undertaken I would be pleased to make contact. I promise to reply to all emails received and post on this website the results of my research."

Lionel Parr believes it was the garage in the Guildford Road that was doing war work. There were no buildings at the Moore's garage pictured here, except for the payment kiosk. 118.1206

Nathan writes: Moore's garage was owned by my great grandfather Mr Frederick George Moore. His daughter still lives in the village.   My grandfather, and several other members of the family, worked at Vickers after WW2. I hope this is of interest and if you'd like more information please ask me. 6119.906

Angus Kennedy writes:  My Brother Andrew Kennedy and sister Joanna Kennedy both worked at the BP garage in the late 60's and early 70's. We knew it as Tukes or Tookes garage as it was run by a man of that name I believe. The old Texaco garage on Jenkins Hill used to be a National Garage as I remember the symbol of mercury and his Winged helmet on the sign. v9

Steve has identified this picture of the BP garage saying " It is from July 1982 and shows the second (?) version of the BP garage on the site. The sign shows that the Little Chef was still open in the early 80's which surprised me, as I thought it went in the 70's. I had forgotten about the large tree as well. Note, no traffic lights either. Installed in the 90's perhaps."  [Apr 12] Others have noted petrol at £1.65 a gallon - leaded four star or course!

As one correspondent wrote ....."Oh what a happy reminder of the days when it was almost a pleasure stopping to buy fuel...unlike today's mayhem" {Oct 11}

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