Bagshot children in the 1950's

This photo was taken in the grounds of the old Catholic church.

a group of 39 children with the Parish priest

as above but with idents applied

The Parish Priest is in the centre. The children we have been able to identify are:

Back Row
(4) Teresa Kenna ; (5) Kathleen Stearn, (6) Maureen Fredricks (nee Hernon); (7) Ted Kenna ; (8) Peter Kell; (9) Anne Kell; (10) Alana Gregory-Jones; (11) Bridie Malynn or Theresa Gregory-Jones (I have been given conflicting information) ; (12) Dawn Gregory-Jones ; .(13) Tom Gregory-Jones; {15) David Kell ; (16) John Gallagher [ix9]; (17) Bruce Hastings [ix9] (but I've also been given the name Patrick Beer) 7060.807 7068iix9

Middle Row
(18) Michael Kell; (20) & (21) Sheila & Shirley the Kell twins; (23) Mary Moran; (24) Margaret Moran

Front Row
(28) Patrick Malynn ; (30) Christine Malynn ; (31) Peter Malynn ; (33) Dorothy Kelll ; (34) Angeline Gregory-Jones; (35) Mary Beer (36) Anne Roberts ; (37) Gloria Roberts or Jennifer Gregory-Jones (I have been given conflicting information) ; (39) Brendan Moran 

Thanks to the several correspondents who have written in with names, including Michael Kell for all his family's names.  He tells me that all are alive and well. 7025.307 Also Mo Fredricks and Tom Gregory-Jones who tells me that his relatives are also alive and well. (Nov 11)

Can you identify any more of these children? Are you in this group?

In addition to identifying the children, can you help identify the Priest?  So far we have ruled out Fathers Cremin, Porter, Flannigan and Steffe.

Tersa writes "I think the original Priest at the Oratory was Father Steff (spelling ? ). I feel sure this was not an abbreviation, and my memory is of a well-built, round-faced man always wearing his biretta." 7021.307
Michael says "I remember Father Steffe as an old priest. I don't know who the priest is in the photo but he could have been visiting from the Sunningdale training collage." 7025.108


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