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This is the index to several pages provided as a vehicle for posting questions related to Bagshot people and families that other readers might be able to answer. Please scroll down to the message pad to ask a question or provide an answer. If you have an interest is a name other than those listed here then try the site search engine as not all names mentioned on the site are catalogued here.

If you are seeking genealogical information about your ancestors then look at the page entitled "Tracing Your Family Tree" where I tell you where the old church records are archived, and offer some further suggestions and information sources to help your search. A valuable resource for researching local families and obtaining historical background information is the archives held by Surrey Heath Museum.

I have another page for general questions about Bagshot and also a page for memories of Bagshot past.

Not all family names referred to on the website are listed here. Try using the site search (below) for any other family name of interest.

Burial records

All Bagshot burials are in the cemetery in Chapel Lane (there are non in the churchyard). The local council have published their records online, see and follow the link for 'burial records'. If you fail to find a local person you are looking for in the Bagshot cemetery then also try the Windlesham cemetery.

Surrey Heath Museum

Phil Stevens tells us that informtion about local people can often be found in the documents held at Surrey Heath Museum. Quite apart from finding out correct answers, the museum deserves to be supported as the collective memory of the Borough because without support it could very well be closed.

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These people are not Bagshot, but are families I am interested in tracing from the 1700's:

Royal archives

Several people have written to me seeking information about people who were in Royal service in Bagshot Park, Windsor Castle, or elsewhere.  Adrian tells us:

There is at least some information available in the Royal Archives about people who were "in service" (as domestic staff, gardeners and the like) in Royal households. Based on a personal enquiry some years ago, I believe there is relatively little about those employed at Bagshot Park. 

 Find-My-Past have put on line various records of Royal Household  Staff covering the period 1526-1924. You can search for free but downloading details will cost - alternativerly many libraries have subscriptions to FMP that you can use without charge. Given Adrain's experience it would be as well not to be too optimistic - but it is always worth a try.

Message Pad

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