Bagshot Quiz

This is a quiz for your amusement.  There are no prizes, so if you cheat the only person you are fooling is yourself.

Decide what you think is the answer to each question and then press the small button next to it to reveal the right answer. Some questions won't be displayed until you have revealed the answer to a previous one.  Not all questions have multiple choice answers.

  Question   Answer
1 What county lies just to the north of Bagshot?  Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, or Buckinghamshire? Berkshire
2 The A30 road starts in London and passes through Bagshot.  Where does it end? Penzance and Lands End.
3 What is the Christian name of the daughter of the Earl and Countess of Wessex? Anne, Sophie, Louise or Eugenie? Louise
4 What is her title?  Princess, HRH, Lady or Miss Lady
5 In what county was she born? London, Berkshire or Surrey? Surrey, at Frimley Park Hospital
6 What is the name of the home of the Earl and Countess? Windsor Castle, Bagshot House, Bagshot Park, Bagshot Palace or Bagshot Mansion? Bagshot Park
7 There has been a Louise living at Bagshot Park before. Who was she? Princess Louise, wife of Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught.
8 Who had the present Bagshot Park built? George IV, William IV, Queen Victoria or Edward VII? Victoria
9 For which of her children was it built? Princess Victoria, Prince Edward, Princess Alice, Prince Alfred, Princess Helena, Princess Louise, Prince Arthur, Prince Leopold, or Princess Beatrice? Prince Arthur
10 When did Bagshot become a parish in its own right? 1864 1874, 1884 or 1894? 1874
11 From what parish did Bagshot split off?  Windlesham, Lightwater, Sunningdale, or Cobham? Windlesham
12 When was St Anne's church built? 1864 1874, 1884 or 1894? 1884
13 Which famous person visited St Anne's church in 1974 and 1990? Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother
14 Where did the Duke of Connaught's banner hang before it was moved to St Anne's church? Westminster Abbey, St George's Chapel, Clarence House, or the Great Hall at Windsor Castle. St George's Chapel, Windsor
15 What was the Duke's rank in the armed forces? Field Marshal, Commander-in-Chief, Admiral or First Lord? Field Marshal
16 Of what school was the Duke patron? Prince Arthur Orphan School, Royal Victorian Orphan School, Royal Albert Orphan School or the Connaught Grange Orphan School? Royal Albert Orphan School
17 What anglican diocese is Bagshot now a part of? Guildford, Winchester, Arundel  or Reading? Guildford
18 What Roman Catholic diocese is Bagshot now a part of? Guildford, Winchester, Arundel  or Reading? Arundel
19 What is the name of Bagshot's RC church? Blessed Virgin, Our Lady, Christ the King, or Emannual? Christ the King
20 How many churches are there in Bagshot? Four.
21 Who was Emily Jane Popejoy? Novelist, playwright, domestic servant, or female highwayman? domestic servant
22 What is notable about Bagshot's original police station? It was one of the first in Surrey.
23 What was it called? Peel House
24 What is the name of the local borough council?  Bagshot, Surrey Heath, Camberley, or Camberley & Frimley. Surrey Heath
25 What is the approximate population of Bagshot? 4000, 5000, 7000 or 10000? 5000
26 What has replaced the 'Berts Gone Mad' transport cafe on the bypass? Jack's Fish and Chips
27 In what road is the cemetery  located? Cemetery Road, Cemetery Lane, Church Road, or Chapel Lane? Chapel Lane
28 Bagshot House was demolished in the 1950's.  What was in its grounds until then?  A church, an observatory, a synagogue, or an ice house? a catholic church
29 Place these housing developments in the order in which they were built.  Connaught Park, Green Farm, Nursery Estate, and Yaverland. Green Farm, Nursery Estate, Yaverland, Connaught Park.
30 What is the road number of the Bagshot Bypass.  M3, A3, A30, or A322. A30
31 What is the road number of the Road to Guildford.  M3, A3, A30, or A322. A322
32 What is the name of the road from Bagshot to Camberley? Camberley Road, Bracknell Road, Guildford Road, or London Road. London Road
33 What is the name of the road from Bagshot to Windlesham? Bagshot Road, New Road, Old Road, or Windlesham Road. New Road.
34 Why  has the White Hart pub only got one storey? It was damaged by a bomb in the second world war.
35 There is a jubilee memorial in The Square.  Whose jubilee does it celebrate? Queen Victoria's
36 What is the name of the stream that runs through Bagshot? Windle Brook.

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  Feb 2004.


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