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Vintage Ordnance Survey Maps

A former member of St Anne's Church had a collection of OS maps that they had used when walking but no longer needed.  They were given to the Church to help raise funds. The following maps remain and are offered at 2.50 each.  If they need to be posted then p&p is 1.70 for one map, postage for more than one map is not much more, please ask for details.  

These are vintage maps, their value is in enabling us to see what the areas were like some 40 - 50 years ago. The maps were bought by a walker.  Some are in pristine condition, some show signs of use including having route markings drawn on then. In my opinion this wear and marking does not detract from their value as a vintage record of the area at the time of the survey.  If you have an interest in a specific map and wish to know more about its condition or wish to confirm any aspect of the description which is particularly important to you then just ask.

One Inch Ordnance Survey Maps

Please note that the maps numbers are those of the One Inch series and not the current OS LandRanger series.

1:25,000 Second Series OS Maps

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