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Christmas Greetings (stylised crib scene)

It has become a tradition in the village for the four churches (St Anne (Church of England), Christ the King (Roman Catholic), Methodist and the Brook Church (evangelical) to produce a joint Christmas card that is delivered to every household in the village.  As has become my practice, I am pleased to provide you with your 'electronic' version.

Winter was quite late coming this year, the first heavy frost was not until overnight on the 13/14th November so we had a very cold start to our Remembrance Sunday service but by the time we gathered round the War Memorial for the Act of Remembrance at 11 o'clock the sun was shining brightly. The service is always very poignant and this year we were able to preface the two minute silence with the sound of a bugle playing the Last Post, something which was much appreciated especially by the veterans present.  The War Memorial can be seen in the picture of the church below.

British weather being what it is, three days after that cold night of the 13th we had overnight temperatures into double figures (Centigrade that is)!  We have had a few flakes of snow, but nothing that settled, though further north they have had a covering from which comes one of the 'out of the mouths of babes' stories.  My two year old grandson, looking out at his first snow said "We will have to be careful, there may be Polar Bears"!

red brick church viewed across a hedge.St Anne's churchyard has had something of a "short back and sides" during the last couple of months. Over the years the trees in front of the church had become seriously overgrown, almost obscuring the building from view. So, in consultation with the local authority's arbiculturist, a programme of pruning and thinning has been carried out. The cedar still stands majestically there, though no longer overhanging the building.  The flowering trees have been cut well back, but will bush out rapidly once the growing season starts..

a church gate with an old style lamp post beside itAnother project we have done in the church grounds is to reinstate the old Victorian lights.  There are cast iron gas lamp posts by each gate, though the lamp heads have long since fallen into disuse and eventually eroded away. We have replaced the heads with reproduction lamps and fitted electric lights.

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green glass bauble with a red ribbonWith best wishes to you, and those you hold dear.  I hope you have an enjoyable Christmas and that the New Year will fulfill your wishes.
God Bless, 
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