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One problem with my last newsletter being rather late is that I don't have so much to report on in this one.  Mind you, having said that I do seem to have a lot of new material contributed by readers as listed below.

The wet weather has continued throughout the autumn.  But I am pleased to be able to say that here in Bagshot we escaped the worst of it.  Our hearts go out to those in the west and north of the country who have suffered bad flooding.  

No new snow pictures I'm afraid.  We have had a few frosts but only the merest dusting of snow.

One recent report from the local police caused amusement.  "Surrey Police have been called to attend residential properties in the Bagshot area where a large goat with long horns has been seen going from garden to garden over a period of several days."  But this was not really a laughing matter for, as the report went on to say, "We are concerned that the animal may become panicked into running on to the nearby fast road, the A322 Bracknell to Bagshot road, as it could potentially cause a serious traffic accident.".  Since we do not have feral goats in Surrey, the police are also seeking to identify the owner.

the interior of a church with candles and a congregation singingThe service of Nine Lessons and Carols held in St Anne's Church was well attended.

A footpath from Swift Lane to Windlesham has been closed for some years because of the illegal tipping of waste that is thought to be toxic. One of the walks that I describe went along this path, so I had to revise the route.  The council have now been able to negotiate an alternative permissive path with a neighbouring land owner.  Once the ground dries out a bit I must go and check it out and update my walk description.

Ian has brouight to my attention that a recent edition of the Surrey CAMRA magazine contains an artricle discussing pubs along the A30 through Bagshot & Camberley.  The magazine is online as a PDF at and the article is on pages 15 & 16.  CAMRA, if you are wondering, is the Campaign for Real Ale.  The article makes interesting reading, though I fancy someone might challenge some of the facts - especially about highwaymen.

Additions  to the website since the last newsletter include

With best wishes to you and those you hold dear.

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