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Christmas Greetings
from St Anne's Church
and the Bagshot web site.

We have been delivering Christmas cards to all the houses in Bagshot, so I thought "Why not send the card to our electronic visitors as well?"  So here it is:

front greetings

From time to time I have added more bits to the Bagshot & St Anne's Church sites. Depending just when you last visited you may not have seen something about the ORIGINS of Bagshot, or seen all of the pictorial TOUR which has had more pictures added to it. Very new is LOCAL KNOWLEDGE? inviting visitors to the site who know the village, perhaps of old, to help out with answers to questions.

The most recent changes pictures and descriptions of the church building are some updates to the description of the Victorian heating system which we found out about when we did some preparatory work for our recent heating upgrade.

Those web visitors who are expatriates will no doubt recall a cold church. Not any longer, it strikes positively warm when you enter now. Mind you, I have yet to find out what it's done to our gas consumption!

I wish you the very best for Christmas and the New Year.


December 2000