These are the people I know about who are now deceased. The data I have includes some more information about them.

If you are related to, or have knowledge of any of these people, their descendants, or their predecessors, I would love to hear from you.

James Brown (1850-1924) married Caroline Bell (b1857) in Islington in 1874 

He had been born in or near St John's Wood , London, (probably 15 Henry Street) and she in Holloway, London.  Their addresses include : 1A Chapel Road, London; Stamford Hill, Middx; Camden Villa, Shortlands Road, Kingston; Kings Road, Kingston ; and 33 New Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey.  

James' father was William Brown a dyer by profession, or so it says on James' marriage certificate. I can find a good match for William and James in the 1861 census, living at 15 Henry Street, St Marylebone, London (which is but a stone's throw from St John's Wood). William's wife is Margaret (b about 1827 in London). At the 1871 censuses  William and Margaret are still at 15 Henry St.  James is elsewhere, but they have another son William Brown (b about 1860 Marylebone, Middx).  Margaret is, however, William's second wife, he married Margaret Jeacock in 1952 having lost his first wife, Caroline Heath whom he had married in 1841, to typhus fevour in 1850

I said that the father & son at 15 Henry Street in 1861 are the best match I can find for "my" James.  But I am lacking any further evidence and in particular I have been unable to find and birth registration or baptism record for James.

I can track the Henry Street family back further in time and trace William jnr forward.  They are discussed here.

If you are related to any of these people , or can throw any light on any of the issues raised here, I would love to hear from you.

The children of James and Caroline were:
Caroline Brown (Carrie Brown) 1875-1970 married twice.

First to John Stofer (b 1869 the son of Robert Stofer and Jane Hopkins) in 1902 in the Hackney district of London. They separated.

Following John Stofer's death she married George Morehen in 1931 in the Brentford area of London. 

She had no children.

James Henry Brown (Harry Brown) (1877-1963) who married Alice Amelia Cash (b abt 1874 , d 1945, daughter of James Cash and Elizabeth Checkley).

Emigrated to Australia on the ship Osterley in 1911.

Two children, Caroline Alice Brown who died at a young age and Henry James Brown (Jim Brown) who died in an accident in 1924 aged about 20.

Harry married Rose after Alice's death.

Among the things we are trying to resolve is the relationship between Harry & his wife and "Mr & Mrs Goelby" - see below.

Arthur Selby Brown (1887-1917) who married Edith Eliza Warne (1888 - 1974) and was killed in WW1.

They had two children. I am decended from this line.

John Ernest Brown (1883-1925) who married Sarah Ellen Selley (aka Lil or Lillie) in Bath and had two children, Stanley John Brown (1915-1989) and Ruth Brown.

Stanley (Stan Brown) married Violet A Rowland (1910-1996) and had at least one child.

We have the snapshot, below, of Stanley as a teenager (but we are not sure who the lady is) and  a later one with his wife and son.

Elizabeth Brown (Lizzie) 1895-1997.

Lizzie married John Brown (Jack Brown) (abt 1891 - 1956) and had a daughter Margaret Brown (1922-2007) who married Frank Lehner (1920-1988) .

head and shoulders of a lady and a teenage boy.

 I am seeking to contact any descendants of the above John Brown, or anyone who can illuminate any more of his life or his branch of my family tree.  Also anyone who can provide any light on James Henry Brown or either Caroline.

Thank you in anticipation for any help you can provide.

Who were Mr & Mrs Goleby?

Harry sent many photos from back to his sister in England from his home in West Burleigh, Queensland. One, below, shows a beach scene with two smartly dressed couples. Harry and his wife, Alice, are on the right, written on the back is "Taken on beach at S. Mr & Mrs Goleby & Alice & I ", so I assume that is who the couple on the left are. Best guess is that the photo was taken between about 1925 and 1935.

two couples on a beach as described in text.

For Harry to have sent the photo back to England we assume that Mr & Mrs Goleby must have had some significance to him, but there is no mention of them is any of the few letters home that have survived.  

A correspondent who is of the Goleby line has suggested that the location may well have been Sandgate, and that from appearances the couple might be Walter Goleby (1878-1957) and his wife Mary "Polly" (1879-1971).

This does not throw any light of their relationship. The Goleby family had some form of at least business relationship with the Cash family in Queensland. Now Cash is Alice's maiden name, so one postulation is that Alice may be related to this Cash family, indeed Harry & Alice's emigration to Australia may have been encouraged or sponsored by these relatives.

While every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, it could contain errors.

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