Godley from the Lincolnshire fens

These are most of the people I know about who are now deceased. The data I have includes some more information about them, and about some of their descendants who are still living.

If you have knowledge of any of these people, their descendants, or their predecessors, I would love to hear from you.

This branch of the Godley family hale from Hale in Lincolnshire (if you will pardon the pun), and prior to that from Bicker, Lincs.

Thomas' occupation in 1881 is given as "Apparitor Church of England" [An official who was formerly sent to carry out the orders of a civil or ecclesiastical court].  I would love to find out what an ecclesiastical apparitor in the late 1800's actually did.

I have also found out about another Godley family who came from Spalding but are buried in Bicker. I have not yet been able to find a link to 'my' Godley line.

Place names relevant to these people include:

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