Family Lines

These are the predecessors I am researching. Click on any of the coloured names to see more detail about these people and to confirm whether they are a common ancestor.

John Bartlet came to Wedmore, Somerset, and married local girl Jane Latcham in 1712. They had 4 children: John who was baptised 1713/4, Bethia baptised 1718, Charles baptised 1719 and William baptised 1722.
John Bartlett (1813)had three children William (bapised 1739), Elisabeth (sic) 1743/4 and James baptised 1746/7. We don't know who he had married as the clergy did not include mothers name at the baptism of his children.
Charles Bartlett (1719) had a son John (baptised 1744) who may be the John Bartlett who married Grace Day in 1781.
William Bartlett (1722) had a son Charles (baptised 1745/6) who had five children: Jane 1774, Joseph 1775, Charles 1777, John 1779 and William 1783.

James Bartlett (baptised in Wedmore 1747) married Ann (possibly Ann Latcham ) and had five children: Mary (bapt 1774), George (bapt 1777 d 1789), Hannah (1778-1780), John (1781-1841), another Hannah (bapt 1785), Charles (bapt 1787), George (bapt 1789) and James (1792-1793).
Charles (1787) married Grace Latcham in 1807) and had four children: James (bapt 1809), George (bapt 1811), Ann (1813-1815) and Charles (bapt 1815 in Wedmore).
One of James' grandchildren, John baptised 1818, married Elizabeth Bunn in Wedmore in 1838 and emigrated to the USA about 1850. They had children: Ann (1840), Sarah (1841-1842), Solomon (1842), Sarah (1843-1845) and Fred (1846) all born in Wedmore and Sarah (1848), Fred (1852) and Eugene (1856-1922) who were born in New York state.

Charles Bartlett (bapt 1815) married Dianna Ridley. They had 7 children, one of whom was John Bartlett (b 1840/1) who married Mary Ann Paines (b 1842/3). Their children include John, Louisa, William, Thomas, Rose, Henrietta and Charles. They came from the Litton / Shepton Mallet / Midsomer Norton area of Somerset though some, at least, of the family moved to the mining vallies of Wales and later to England. Other children of Charles & Diana were George, Elizabeth, Louisa, Mark, Anna and Albert . More about  these, and related, members of the Bartlett family.
In the mid-1700's James Godley married first Prudence Smith then Elizabeth Lancaster. They had several children including Thomas Godley who married Mary Dawson; their son Thomas (1808-1869) married Ann Limbird (1802-1852); and their son Thomas J D Godley (1832-1896) married Anne Foster (abt 1836 - 1901). Their children were Herbert, Ethel, Wilhenina (all three of whom emigrated to the USA), Dawson and Tom. Siblings of Thomas JD include Hanna, Mary Ann, Prudence, John Godfrey, Harriet, Betsey, and George. These Godley's hale from Hale, Lincolnshire (Lincs) but also lived in Lancashire (Lancs) and Scarborough. More about  these, and related, members of the Godley family.
Anthony Limbird (1712 - 1797) married Elizabeth POUNDER, lived in Bicker, Lincolnshire, and had children James Limbird (1745 -1790), Anthony Limbird, William Limbird (1752 - 1755), William Limbird (1754 - 1757), Pounder Limbird (1756 -1833), Susanna Limbird (1758 -1763), Elizabeth Limbird (1760 - 1761) and Edward Limbird.  Pounder married Hannah GRANGER (1766-1835) and they had children James Limbird (1793 -1854) who married Elizabeth LANE (1796-1852) and had 8 children (many of whom emigrated to the USA), Maria Limbird who married  John HOMER, Hannah Limbird (1799-1799), Pounder Limbird (1799-1799), Ann Limbird who married Thomas Godley, Anthony Limbird (1803 - 1866) and Richard Limbird.  More about  these, their descendants, and related, members of the Limbird family
William Lye(c1780-1850) m Elizabeth (aka Bettey) (c1780-1875) and had children Richard, Harriet, Ann, Louiza, John, James, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah and Caroline.
Richard Lye married Joanne Cox and had children Thomas, Edward, Charles and John. Thomas Lye (b 1842/3) married Francis (b 1841/2). Their children include William, Albert, Emily, Agnes, Rosena, Frances and Frederick. They came from the Shepton Mallet / Midsomer Norton area of Somerset.
Caroline Lye (1825) married Thomas Gait and had children George, James and Amelia.
More about  these, and members of quite a few other Lye families from this area.
Our Dawson family lived in Great Hale, Lincolnshire in the late 1700s and early 1800s (and probably at other times too). John Dawon married Martha and had several children of whom Mary (1741), John (1742) and Rebecca (1748) seem to have survived childhood. John married Ann Thompson in 1872 and had children Edward (1773), Mary (1777-1825) who married Thomas Godley, and William (1775-1844) who married Penelope Watson.. More about  these, their descendants, and related, members of the Dawson family.
William Todd married Laura Watson (1877 - 1960) .  They lived in Yorkshire.  Their children were Gladys, Madge and Kathleen. More about  these, and related, members of the Todd family.
James Brown (1850-1927), a haulier, married Caroline  Bell (b1857) both were born in London, he in or near St John's Wood and she in Holloway .  They eventually moved to Kingston upon Thames, Surrey. Their children were Caroline (Carrie), James Henry (Harry), Arthur Selby , John and Elizabeth (Lizzie). More about  these, and related, members of the Brown family.
Thomas Parnaby (b abt 1806/7) married Hannah (b abt 1812/13). Their children were John, Jane, Thomas, Mary, Robert, Hannah, Frances, Elizabeth and William.  Thomas Snr had been born in Ainderby Steeple, Yorkshire, Hannah and all their children in Gilling West. More about  these, and related, members of the Parnaby family.
My Prosser descendents came from the Taynton / Harescombe / Elmore (Elsmore) / Longney area of Gloucestershire in the 1800's.  More about Prosser here.
My Warne tree is extensive. Richard Warne (1793-1870), one of ten children of Richard Warnes (c1775 -c1845), had seven children including George Warne (1826-1890) who had 10 children: Mary Ann Barnard (Polly) (1855-1946) ;George Watts Warne (1857-1949) ; Richard Warne (Dick) (1859-1941) ;William Warne (1867-1938) ; Henry William Warne (1858-1947) ;Watts Daniel Warne (Dave) (1868-1943) ; Alfred Alexander Warne (1863-1942) ; Albert Charles Warne (1868-1935) ; John Herbert Warne (1870-1950) ; and Charlotte Anna Warne (Lottie) (1873-1965). Most of whom married and now have an extended family. More about  these, and related, members of the Warne family and Richard's descendents.
Bliss, Reygate
John Bliss married  Jane Boyd. They had several children including Susannah Bliss who married Richard Reygate.  Some handed-down papers relate to John Bliss visiting St Petersburg in 1859.    More about Bliss & Reygate.
Hayes or Hays, and Linham or Linnam, also Sealey or Sealy
Ralph Hayes (b abt 1874) was one of the many children of Wallace Hayes (b abt 1851), also known as Walter Hayes, and his wife Hannah Linham (b abt 1853); and grandchild of Benjamin Hayes and Elizabeth. Hannah's pedigree is less clear.  Hayes is also spelled Hays, and Linham also occurs as  Linnam.  More about Hayes and Linham, including what I know about Elizabeth.

Other connected family names about which I have some knowledge include:


If you have knowledge of any of these people, their descendants, or their predecessors, I would love to hear from you so that we may exchange family history information. Click on any of the coloured names to see more detail about these people and to confirm whether they are a common ancestor.

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