David Prosser and his descendants

The Prosser family I am interested in came from the Taynton  (Tainton) / Minsterworth / Hardwicke /  Haresfield / Harescombe / Elmore (Elsmore) / Longney / Bisley area of Gloucestershire in the 1800's.

William Prosser (born circa 1600) is my 8x great grandfather. His son Richard Prosser (1639-1709) married Ann Danbie. They had children including Jane Prosser (1674) who married Thomas Jones, and my 6x great grandfather Richard Prosser (1670-1724) who married Sarah Sadler (1673-1710).

Richard and Sarah had children including

James and Elizabeth had children including

Richard and Elizabeth's children include

Charles and Sarah's children include

David, a farmer, was born in and had his children in Hardwicke then lived most of the rest of his life at a property variously known as Backhouse or Baccus in Harescombe, retiring to Elmore. He had 4 children

Charles married Emma and lived in Harescombe, Haresfield, Taynton where several of his children were born and then Througham, Bisley. His children were 

There were several Prosser families living in the area, at times next door to each other. The tantalising prospect is to find a connection between them. The most promising connection is that 'our' David (b 1812 above) was the son of Charles Prosser, a carpenter b 1770/1 who married Sarah and fathered at least David (a carpenter born 1815/6 according to the 1841 census) and Comfort Prosser (b 1828/9). But small disrepancies in birth dates and David's apparent change in occupation from carpenter to farmer do not allow me to have confidence that the connection is correct.

Another family line that features prominently in the area includes John Prosser (b 1771) who married Sara Cratchley and had children including: Elizabeth (b 1799), John (b 1802/3), Hanna (b 1805), Anne (b 1808) and Susan (b 1810) who married William Wellington.  

Son John (b 1802/3) married Mary and had children including: Robert (b 1838), Elizabeth (b 1839/40), Mary Ann (b 1841/2), Eliza (b 1844/5), John (b 1847) and Susan (b 1848/9).
Grandson John (b 1847) married Mary and had children: Henry J (b 1871/2 ), Mary E (b 1873/4), Richard G (b 1874/5), Fannie N (b 1875/6), Annie P (b 1878/9), Ella / Ellen (b 1879/80), Tom W (b 1881/2 ), John M (b 1883/4), Charles J (b 1884/5).

On at least one census the surname has been miss-spelt as Proper.

These are some the people I know about who are now deceased. The data I have includes some more information about them, and about some of their descendants who are still living.

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