Promoting and advertising clubs, events and businesses on the Bagshot websites

Clubs & Charities

I am very happy to promote Bagshot organisations and charities without charge. This might be a link to your own website (such as provided on the front page for the Scouts) or to a dedicated page hosted on this website (such as provided for Bagshot Care). A similar facility is also offered by the current affairs website.

If you wish to avail yourself then please contact me via the message pad below and, if you so wish, the current affairs site here.

I make this offer to local not-for-profit clubs and organisations. Such organisations will typically be registered as charities. By 'local' I mean those centred on Bagshot or providing dedicated services or facilities in Bagshot.  I am sorry, but I simply do not have the capacity to offer the facility to every organisation for whom Bagshot just happens to be within what they perceive to be their catchment area.


Events are promoted by our sister current affairs site whose calendar can be seen here.

Businesses & Commercial Organisations

I do not provide free promotion for commercial concerns or other for-profit ventures. If you wish to make me an offer to carry your advertisement on this site then pleasecontact me.

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