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This is a personal, non-commercial web site which I maintain as a hobby. It is not a business and I derive no profit from it. Should any income from sponsorship or advertising exceed the costs of hosting and maintaining the site then it will be donated to charity.

I consider all messages sent to me to be personal messages from my web friends. All messages are received by private individuals. Any unsolicited commercial emails will be reported to the relevant authorities.

I take privacy seriously. I do not solicit personal information. I provide several pages from which visitors are able to send me a message without using their email program. On these pages I invite the sender to provide a name by which they wish to be known and an email address to which I can send a reply. Many people use a nickname (or only their first name) as a name and email address, I assume that anyone who is concerned about their real name being known takes this precaution. By providing this message facility I do not get any of the personal information that might be included in header data or 'signature' files of messages sent by an email program. I get only the information that the sender knowingly enters on the form, together (usually) with the address of the page and that from which they were referred together with some information about the web browser. I use this information to optimise the way I present information and use browser features.

Messages sent via the message pad, and my replies, whether to messages sent via the pad or by direct email, are usually archived on my Google Mail account as well as on my computer and its backups. Please do not send me information that you do not want handled in this way, or tick the 'publish' box if you do not want it published on the Internet. If you realise that you have sent information that you do not want handled as described on this page then send me a message at once asking for it to be deleted.

The message pad allows the contributor to tick whether the information provided may be published on the Internet. I will always respect what is said . I do not publish contributor's email addresses or pass them on without their permission.

In considering what information you want published, you should be aware that the website will be indexed by Google and other search engines and that its content may be found and viewed by anybody. It is also likely to be archived by one or more archive systems including that of the British Library. I reserve the right to edit contributions, and to decline to publish a submission without giving a reason.

While many contributors do not want their full name published, there can be a benefit from doing so. If a full name is given then your former friends with whom you have lost contact have the opportunity to spot your name and ask to be put in contact. If you want to be put in contact with one of my correspondents, for whatever reason, then please make it clear in your message that you wish it to be forwarded. I will forward your message and email address to the last address I have for the person. Any further contact is entirely up to them. Unfortunately such messages sometimes fail because the correspondent has changed their address and not told me. I correspond with people in good faith, but obviously I cannot vouch for the authenticity of any message or the identity of any sender and you should exercise appropriate caution with any contacts.

This site contains links to other sites. I am not responsible for the practices or content of other people's sites, and my links should not be taken as an endorsement of the site.

Newsletter. I send occasional short greetings by e-mail, these are an invitation to view a newsletter mounted on the Internet. I will stop e-mailing you on request. These messages are sent individually so I do not disclose your address to anyone else as would occur if I simply used a mailing list in a regular email program.

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A cookie will be set to record that you have acknowledged the cookie message that appears on some pages. This will prevent the message appearing on further pages.

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Other uses of cookies may be made in the future.

Some of my pages include advertisements that are provided by Google, as is the search facility that is offered on most pages.
Google's use of cookies, and other matters relating to privacy, are described in, or linked from, and their use in advertising specifically is described at This page also links to instructions as to how to control Google adverts.

Shoud you wish to do so, your Internet browser probably enables you to see what cookies have been set, to delete cookies, and to control your acceptance of cookies. You may need to refer to the instructions for your specific browser to see how to do this.

Children. This site does not contain any material that is unsuitable for children. It does not specifically aim to attract children. There is one page that gives advice to students on researching local subjects. I do not publish material that would identify children.

Caveat. Data is provided on this web site only for personal background information. While every effort has been made to provide correct information no assurance as to its accuracy is given or implied. Check any facts you wish to rely upon. English law applies.

Original sketch of St Anne's Church by the late James Winterbottom. Most photographs by Neil Bartlett.


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