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The Surrey Heath Museum (located  at the side of the council offices, Knoll Road, Camberley) stocks a comprehensive selection of books and leaflets on diverse aspects of local history, many prepared in conjunction with the Local History Club.

The museaum has given me this list.  If you propose making a special trip to the museum to purchase material then I recommend that you contact them first to confirm opening times and the availability of the publication you are interested in and any price variation that may have occured since this list was prepared.


1st Yocley Lady  1.50

An English village at war  3.00

Bagshot Hall  1.60

Bagshot on the road 3.99

Bagshot Park 4.00

Basingstoke Canal 7.50

Bitter Enemies 7.99

Cadaver in Camberley 4.99

Camberley - A History 18.99

Camberley and Yorktown - Between the Wars 12.99

Camberley's Mysterious Obelisk 2.95

Cebba's Ham - Story of Chobham


Chobham Common Great Camp 1853 4.75

Chobham goes to School  5.95

Clarkes View of France Hill School 3.50

Diary of Rosamond Cleere Newton 7.99

Duke of Connaught's Bagshot 3.00

Education 2.00

Emily Jane Popejoy 5.00

Express to London 5.00

Faith in Frimley 4.00

Frimley green - A village History 4.00

Frimley Park and Tekells Park Estate 4.00

Frimleys Church of Englands Schools 4.00

George Edward Lodge - an Artist perspective on Falconry 15.00

George Edward Lodge 1860-1954 3.50

Golden Farmer 3.00

Heenan V Sayers 2.50

History of Chobham Common

History of Cordwalles School in Camberley  2.50

History of Ravenscote 2.00

History of West End Institute and Working Men's Club 5.95

I Remember Chobham 2.50

Industrial History of Surrey Heath Borough 5.50

Life and Work on Surrey Heath 16.99

Lightwater - A Village Without a History 5.50

Medievil Surrey Heath 5.00

Memorials in Surreys Open Sapces 3.00

Mytchett place and Rudolf Hess 2.95

New Mosque or Old School 3.50

Oil Paintings in public ownership in Surrey

Old Frimley 4.95

Our Home Front 2.99

Policing at Bagshot 3.00

Robert Haining School 2.00

Roman Surrey 14.95

Royal Albert Orphanage and School 2.50

Sandhurst - a Look Back In Time 5.00

Sandhurst in the Second World War 4.50

St John the Baptist 1.50

Surrey - Photographic memory

Surrey Heath in the 18th Century 9.99

Surrey Heath in the Dark Ages 3.99

Surrey Heath Under the Tudors and Stuarts 7.50

The History of the Manor of Frimley 3.00

The Old Brigade

Village Post 4.95

West End - Past and Present 6.50

Windlesham Village School 2.50

Wopses in the Laylocks 5.00

Also available at the Museum is a CD priced 7.50 containing SURREY HEATH CENSUSES [1841 - 1901]

This project has been carried out by Surrey Heath Local History Club between 2008 & 2010. 1,351,371 entries [64351 lines] have been keyed in by members from the village censuses of Bagshot, Bisley, Chobham, Frimley and Windlesham and include the new settlements of Yorktown and Camberley. The object was to produce a research document which would allow the analysis of the growth and development of the area known as Surrey Heath in the 19th century. To achieve this some standardisation has been necessary. Those researching individual names may gain a little more insight in a few cases from the original documents. The data has been double checked for accuracy. It is stored by parish / village per census and by individual name for the whole period in PDF files. There is also an Excel version included which can be copied and sorted for research purposes.

Mary Bennett, Paul Charleton & Phil Stevens.

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