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This page is provided as a vehicle for posting questions related to Bagshot that other readers might be able to answer. Please scroll down to the message pad to ask a question or to provide answers. 

A further page is dedicated to enquiries about people and I have others that are dedicated to memories of old Bagshot and a record of changes that have occured - particularly for the benefit of expats who want to know "what ever happened to ...".

If you are a pupil seeking information to support a study project then start by looking at the page about 'projects' where I have provided a selection of leads to help you with such research.

Surrey Heath Museum

Phil Stevens tells us that definitive answers to the historical questions discussed here can often be found in the documents held at Surrey Heath Museum. Quite apart from finding out correct answers, the museum deserves to be supported as the collective memory of the Borough because without support it could very well be closed.

The museum stocks a comprehensive selection of books and leaflets on diverse aspects of local history, many prepared in conjunction with the Local History Club.  Details are here.

Old photos and other publications about Bagshot

Do you know of any publications of old photos of Bagshot that are still available? #606
Or perhaps any other reference books about Bagshot than those listed on my 'links' page?

Many of my pages have been prompted by, or include questions or information from, my readers. If you can add anything to the above please write to me using the message pad below.

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