W S Stanley, Drapers

Mary writes from New Zealand {May 11}

My grandfather, Walter Scott Stanley, had a large draper's shop in the Square at Bagshot. He was there from at least 1901 to 1911 according to census information and I have seen photos of it on a photographer's website. It appears to take up a whole block of shops. We think he lived above the shop. The building appears to be still there today. His wife was Maud Matilda (nee Clarke) born Camberwell London. Do any local history people or others have any information about him or his shop?

The building is indeed still there.  Now a restaurant and what was a building society office until they pulled out.

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This view above approximates to the view seen in the classic 1906 image of Bagshot Square from the Francis Frith Collection. Mary tells me that the shop continued to trade as W S Stanley until the 1960s even though no members of the Stanley family were associated with it.

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