The Seltones (circa 1960)

Ken Wells writes from British Columbia, Canada 231.002.307

Hello,  I grew up in Bagshot. We lived in Central House, High Street, from 1946 to 1968. 

My friends and I had a band in the early 60s called the Seltones. We played at the St Anne's Parish Hall many times and I think our first gig was at the Mariners pub. The people involved in that group were Ken Galloway, Alver Anderson, and myself, anybody old enough to remember that? Mick Topping was our manager for a bit, he had a sister Ann. Does anyone have any info about Ken, Alvar, Barry Williams, Mick or Ann Topping?  Barry Williams and Alvar Anderson have both been in contact with the web site and 'reunions' made.

Subsequently Ken provided these two photos saying : First photo is band practice with, left to right, Ken Wells, Pete Ford, Pete Mallaband and  Ken Galloway.  The second  is playing at St Anne's Parish Hall: Alvar Anderson, Ken Galloway, Pete Ford & Ken Wells. The drummer Pete M. is out of frame. [Jan 22] 

I can remembers some of the band members, writes Peter Malynn, and going to many gigs at St Annes. I believe many were organised by Bob Potter who is still in the business. My mate Jim Rickwood and I then progresed to other venues in the area e.g. Agincourt Woking/Aldershot Palais etc we are still in contact and meet up a couple of times a year.

We both worked on various farms during school holidays including Home Farm in Bagshot Park. Oh happy days 1/6d an hour.

Roy Draper writes: I can remember Ken Wells and the other band members (Seltones) playing their first gig at Three Mariners pub I used to drink there with my brother John. In the sixties and seventies we used to be in what we called the bottom bar which was off the one way street, the Publican at the time was Alec DeSouza and his wife was Pat, after many reports from customers Kenny and the Boys were invited back many times. If only we could turn back time. 615.0207

From Alan Edwards:  I saw this group many times at the CIU Lightwater club.  They were very good.  Micky Williams & John Wooders were the other members, both have family members still living in Bagshot. 7019.507

From Pete Mallaband I was the drummer in the band Seltones from 1960 to 1964 and I would like to hear from any other band member at that time. Jun11

From Pat Anderson: I was married to Alvar Anderson the singer of The Seltones. I remember you all very well and was thrilled to see the contribution from Kenny (Wells).  Peter Mallaband and Ken Galloway and who was the other Peter Guitarist? I was born in Bagshot, raised in West End and schooled in Bagshot leaving in 1960. Yes it is great to read all the stories and reminisce. Howards the Butcher. Where is Howard now? Papworths yes and Johnson and Spooners and my Grandfather was the projectionist at the cinema in the High Street and my Grandma worked around the back from there in Huntley and Palmers Biscuit Factory. Remember any of that? Would love to hear from any old school friends etc. I now live in Canada and have been here for 37yrs. I do make trips home quite often. Absolutely love Bagshot. [Sep 12]

From Peter Summerton : Mick Hook, Colin Annals (sadly deceased) and I often traveled in the back of the van with The Seltones to their latest gig. [Dec12]

The Integrals

Diane Draper (formerly Wilson) asks:

Four teenagers wearing white shirts and ties playing guitars and drums.Can anyone remember a band in the 60's (they had several diffrent names)

  • The Defenders
  • The 7th Sound
  • The Integrals

Richard Bonny and Brian Langdon were two of the band members. They used to play in the Bagshot, Windelsham, and Lightwater including a lot at the St Annes Parish Hall .  They had a really good following. The place would be packed when they were billed to perform there. They were the hottest local band around.

I think they folded about 1968 / 1969

Richard married my sister Christine. I just wondered if anyone had seen them play back in the good old 60's.

Irene Murray writes: The drummer looks like my cousin John Pearce but not sure. He did play in a band in those days in the venues mentioned. ix9

From John Wooders: SepOct10

I remember those days very hazily. Reading the names and the peoples memories has awoken some very happy memories of those days in The Integrals.

The picture is the only one that I have of those heady days. I am on the drums, Mick Williams to my left on Bass, Brian Langdon on rythm and singing and Graham Bonney on Lead. This was in Brian's garden at Bagshot Green. I think it was his brothers wedding. We were very good even if I say so myself and have always wondered what might have been.

I do remember playing all over the county and practicing in our garage at the bottom of the garden. I still like to have a go on the drums whenever I get a chance. Not very good nowadays!!!

We did cut a record and if anyone has a copy then I would love to know about it, and if anyone reads this and remembers the groups and has any more memories and anecdotes then please do get in touch.

John Coombs [Aug 14 xx]

I just saw the photograph of "7th Sound", and boy did those memories start to come back. Richard Bonny was in my class at school and his future wife Christine was in my class also. We all used to meet up at St, Annes Hall in Bagshot when ever the boys were playing. It was always a riotous occasion (in the 'enjoyable' sense of the word) and yes, they were a very good little outfit. Thanks for introducing me to Rock 'n' Roll boys! 

Bagshot Concert Band

Bagshot Concert Band was established in 1898 and apart from the war years has provided a place where young and old alike can come to improve their musical skills by playing in a group.  They perform at upwards of a dozen and a half events such as the 2016 street party celebrating The Queen's 90th birthday.

The band have their own website at

Former band member Dave Berry has written:  I was born in Bagshot in 1945 (my mum was the telephone operator in the old exchange). I lived in Bagshot for 20yrs and played in the Bagshot Band from age 7. My Grandfather, John (known as Jack) Berry lived at 1 Penny Hill and was a founder member of the band.  I recall when we all stood in Bagshot Square at 9 am  on Christmas morning and played Christians awake!!  I'm not sure that this was appreciated by all of the squares residents!!  [Dec 15]

David Charsley : My father was bandmaster of the Bagshot Silver Band in the 1930-40's. As a child I would be taken to band practise at a church hall opposite Fortuna's ice cream parlour. He negotiated the purchase of ex-firemans uniforms so that the band looked very smart 'on parade'. I have a photograph of the band marching down Guildford Road near the Avenue. They played at the Lightwater fete (in Mackay's field, opposite the church), at various 'big houses' in Red Road at Christmas and even at an event at the launch of the film 'The Robe' produced by Fox Brothers, and for which he was presented with a silver baton. The only other member of the band I knew was Les Soan, who lived in Ambleside Road with a plumbing business in Bagshot. [Jul 16]  

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