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An ex-pat now living in Canada writes that as a child he used to watch Bagshot FC play at Pennyhill Park, and three years ago he found a website which gave Bagshot's results etc. and, 50 years on, they still played at Pennyhill Park. However they now seem to have dropped out of the Surrey Intermediate League.  This correspondent would like to know what has happened to Bagshot FC and where he can find out about their results. 578Sep05

From Neil I have in my possession, 2 large team photos from the 1950's of the Bagshot FC team, my father, Peter Parker was the goalkeeper at the time. vii9

From VP: Bagshot FC now play in the Aldershot & District League. They won the Division Two title in 2008, Division One in 2009 and will probably be playing in the Premier Division for the 2009-10 season. They still play at College Ride at the back of Pennyhill Park. Their website is  [vi9 X]

From Colin Stone: [Feb11 xx] I played for Bagshot in 1953-54 (see photo). I remember Peter Parker playing also Stanley Parker who I beleive was Peter's brother goalkeeper-centre forward, but am I right that there was an elder brother who was also a goalkeeper?  To which Neil replied  "Stan Parker was a bit younger and probably in a later photo, my Dad (Peter), as I remember, only played in goal." Feb11

From Paul Miles : I have found one of the earliest known pictures of Bagshot FC clearly identified by the ball its the 1913-14 team [Mar 12 X]  Paul's photo is reproduced below.

These are Neil's photos.  Aug09

a line up of footballers
Bagshot FC 1951-52

Front row (l to r)

C Hilton
M McCarthy
J Williams
L Oikle (Captain)
W Harding


Back row (l to r)

G Bygraves
J Stone
R Searle
R Miles
H Parker (Peter) (Neil's father)
J Gardiner
R Robinson
A Blake
B Moth

a line up of footballers
Bagshot FC 1953-54

Front row (l to r)

R Ison
D Elkins
W Whicker
R Searle
L Oikle
N Barritt
E Mayhew

Middle row (l to r)

Colin Stone
R Casbierd
W harding
W H Parnell
J Williams
C Summerton
D Vince

Back row (l to r)

E J Vince
W Nunn
A Harrison
H Bailey
D Stone
H Parker
V Copus
J Gardiner
M McCarthy
B Moth

The above images are available at a higher resolution.

Alan has provided an old photo of an unidentified football team posing in front of the Parish Hall.  Can you help identify the team and the people?

This is Paul's photo of the Bagshot FC 1913-14 team. I'm amazed at how wide the goal is!

A football team, plus others, in front of a very wide goal mouth.

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