Bagshot children in the 1950's

Can you help identify any more of the people shown here?  There are also a series of photos from this period on the Bagshot Scouts' website. As with those here many people have ben identified - can you help with more?

Christmas Party

These three pictures were taken at Christmas parties held in St Anne's Parish Hall about 1949/50. The lady who sent me the pictures is not sure whether the parties were hosted by the Labour Club or the Working Men's Club. Pamela thinks they are more likely to be 1951/2 and held by Labour Party.

children sitting at trestle tables

Identified so far we have:
Far side of  nearest table, counting from left to right: (1) Mary Moran (eyes closed), Brendan Moran behind her on the further table,  (2) Ann Pullen/Clements, (3) ? (4) June Mills [cousin of contributor Pamela Marler nee Summerton] (5) Mary Whicker (6) Valerie Pailey (7) ? (8) Bridie Malynn (9) Christine Malynn .  
Near side of table, from left to right, (1) Rosemary Blake (2) Weena Clitheroe (3) Robin Hotchkiss (4) Kenny Wills. Anne Summerton is the person serving . [6124.906 7060.807x]

children sitting at trestle tables

Squatting down at the front with a dark waistcoat is Anne Summerton, behind her is (1) June Mills then right to left along the row of seated children in the middle of the picture: (2) Janet Coulthard (3) Mary Moran (4) Peter Malynn  (5) Patrick Malynn (6) Brendan Moran.
Sitting on the chair at th eend of the table is Sonia Cording, then right to left along the row on the left (1)  Angela Cording (thumb to mouth) (2) Ann Pullen/Clements (with hand on Angela's shoulder)
The girl seated at the back on the far right is Dorothy Clitheroe.
Note the smart clothes and even a handkerchief in the boy's top pockets.

Identifying the adults standing in the above photo has not been straightforward and I have recieved some conflicting suggestions.  The names are (from left to right)
(1) Mrs Summerton
(2) Mr Summerton. I had also received a conflicting suggestion of Mr Victor Stowe who was caretaker at the school for many years but Mr Stowe's grandson says it is not him.
(3) Janet Coulthard's father
(4) Mrs Margaret Phipps
(5 in the pointed hat) Mrs Heather 
(6) Mrs Stowe (mother of Mrs Phipps)
(7) ?

Thanks to many contributors including Marilyn, the late Pamela Marler [nee Summerton] , Ken, Jenny, David Gibb and Phippo. [6124.906 7060xx.807  May09 Jun10 Jul 17]

children sitting at trestle tables

Christine Malynn (behind the jug) and Bridie Malynn on her right (with the polka dot blouse). Marilyn thought the second boy on the left is Peter Summerton and third, next to him, is his twin brother Philip who she thinks now now lives in Canada. 6124.906 However their sister Pamela said that these are not them.

Marilyn adds that Peter and Philip were not identical twins. They had a brother Vernon, but she cannot identify him in any of the pictures. She wonder if these photos were of the British Legion parties, whom her father Jim Kircher was a member, noting that it was a real treat when these events were arranged as most of the local children would be invited  6124.906

According to May & Pamela, the first boy on the left is John Evans behind him is his brother Gerald Evans next to Gerald is Robert Phillips. 6128.1006  David has suggested that the little girl that the lady is leaning over with the jug might be Joyce Phipps. Jun10

Peter Summerton has provide three more photos of parties in St Anne's Parish Hall circa 1951 with many names.  [Jul 17]  

children sitting at tables

Top photo, back ground L to R, Peter Summerton, Jimmy Kircher, unknown, Roy Cranston, unknown, John and Gerald Evans, to Peter's right, David Mills and Philip Summerton. Mid to foreground L to R, Joyce, Violet, Margaret and Evelyn Dexter, to Evelyn's left Marilyn Kircher and Pamela Summerton. To Joyce's right, Alan and Richard Wood, Tony Bygraves, unknown then Diane, I can't remember her surname.  [Jul 17]  

children sitting at tables

This one below Peter describes as a Labour party fancy dress party circa 1950 and wonders how many readers will recognse themselves.  For a larger image see here

ros of people, some in fancy dress.


Thanks to many contributors who are helping identify these people, including Marilyn and Pamela Marler [nee Summerton][x] , Peter Summerton and David Gibb 6124.906 7060.807 Jun10

Boy Scouts

Mary has sent in this photo of the Bagshot scout troop.  I would guess that it was taken at the end of a camp, and from the combination of berets and flat hats probably in the late 1950s.  Do you recognise it and can you identify any of the people? [Apr 17] 

3 rows of boys and men wearing Scout uniform
click here for a larger image.

Derrick Papworth wrote to say that he can : The photograph of Bagshot Scouts was taken in the summer of 1953 - the Scoutmaster in the centre was me and I left Bagshot the following March to work in Malaya. I could name most of the boys in the photo, and hope some will see the picture and contact you. [Dec 17]

Catholic Church

This photo was taken in the grounds of the old Catholic church.

a large formal group of children together with a priest

So far we have identified Mary, Margaret & Brendan Moran ; the  Kell family; Christine, Bridie, Patrick & Peter Malynn ; Gloria & Anne Roberts ; and cousins Ted Kenna  & Teresa Kenna.

A larger version of this picture is available with a key to names.

Teresa Scales (nee Kenna) remembers walking up the hill to the church on a wonderful snowy, frosty night to go to Midnight Mass. [7021.307X]

Boxing Club

Please see here for a 1958 photo of members of the boxing club.


Michelle Mozley : "My father is Dennis Mozley and my mother Jillian Allen-Mozley. I was born in Windlesham, and now live in Canada. I still have some memories myself of when my Grandparents lived in Bagshot. It is great to see pictures of the people and land marks of Bagshot. My parents often talk about the child hood they had there with fond memories." [Jun10x]

Pat Hunter( nee Pattyree Cusack) : What a joy it was to see these photos of some of my old school mates from over fifty years ago when I lived in Bagshot in a house attached to the church there. The Moran's and Malynn's I have been fortunate enough, thanks to your news letter, to have been re-united with. We all had a reunion in Bagshot. Have not located Graham Nesbitt yet, an Australian boy who lived there at the time. Thank you for this latest treasure! [404.906x]

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