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If you are seeking genealogical information about your ancestors then look at the page entitled "Tracing Your Family Tree" where I tell you where the old church records are archived, and offer some further suggestions and information sources to help your search. I am not able to provide any information from such old records or to conduct research on your behalf.

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From Carolyn:  I would like to ask if anyone has any information about the Floersheim family who I believe owned Penny Hill Park after Louis Schott did (and may in fact have been relatives). Louis Floersheim was a naturalised German merchant banker and I believe he owned the estate for some time in the late 1800s.

One of his sons, Cecil Floersheim, wrote a book of poetry and in this is a poem entitled "The Dogs' Grave at Bagshot" implying that there might have been a pets graveyard on the estate at one time and that that the family spent some time there, although from the census and other records their main residence appears to be in London. I am interested in the family as an ancestor of mine married Cecil Floersheim. [Feb12]  Please use the message pad below to reply.

John (Jack) Hughes

Steve had asked about the Hughes Family who lived in Brookside, Bagshot [11006 Feb11x]
Th late Lionel Parr replied "I remember the house where the Hughes family lived in the 1930s, near Windle Brook. There was Mr & Mrs Hughes and they had more than one child." [Jan 14]  

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Desmond Hastings

Sue : Desmond Hastings used to run a mobile vegetable coach and also a shop with Arthur Hastings, next to Duncan Hamiltons in The Square. These were both started from the 1950's I think.   [7038.407x]
From Terry Allen :  Yes, I remember helping Art and Des Hastings. Art Hastings' son Andrew and me used to drive round the streets of Bagshot - I can allways smell, even just sitting here, the fresh vegatables in the back of the old coach . I lived on  Bagshot Green untill I came to Canada in 1970 - it's been a long time and a lot of memories. Oct08xx

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Ron Frost

Ron was one of the 1st Bagshot scouts during the post-war years and was Scout Master from 1952 until 1961 when he took a job working in London. Ron would like to contact anyone who remembers him or the scouts in those days. Jan06

Eric Gilbert

From Joe Peel: xii06  Eric Gilbert was a bookmaker and was married to my mother's cousin Mary. I remember holidaying with them in the late 1960s and going to the bookies shops with Eric. He had two or three shops in the area. I was looking for his name on the web and found this link to Bagshot. I have his old tan crombie coat that he would have worn at Ascot and such like when he was on the courses.    [Oct 12x]

From Lynne : Eric Gilbert was indeed married to Mary; they lived opposite us in Pinewood Gardens. I only vaguely remember Eric as he died when I was very young but I spent many happy days of my childhood in the 70s out with 'Auntie' Mary. She often used to talk about Eric and the bookmakers. Sadly she died in late 80s or early 90s. I'm still in touch with John Henwood who worked at the bookmakers with Eric. [11004 Jan 11 X] 

From Bev I remember Mary and Eric Gilbert. Mary, bless her, took me under her wing and treated me like a daughter. She used to love her garden and had lots of little surprises hidden away in it. They will both always be remembered by me with fondness. [ 12042 Sep 12 x]

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Gosden, Berry & Webb

The late Alan Gosden wrote:

I come from two old Bagshot families, Berry and Gosden. It was suggested the Gosden's originated in West End, Bisley or Windsor. My grandfather had four sisters, one, Kate Gosden (married name Parker) lived in Vicarage Road, Bagshot, possibly died in late 60s or early 70s, and may have had a daughter Joy.

Martin  has written:

Both of my grandparents came from old Bagshot families the Berry's and Gosdens (I am nephew of Alan Gosden, listed above). The Berry family lived on College Ride, whilst the Gosdens, Guildford Row. The Berry children were, Ernest (my Grandfather), Stan & Hilda (who married Bill Gosden). The Gosdens were, Edward (Ted), Lillian (my Grandmother - later Berry), May (later Moore), William (Bill - married Hilda Berry), Ernest & Joan (later Lake).  I would love to know any additional information about my families above as sadly they have all died now. 9023ii9

Jane Landeen wrote from the USA: {8027.704  Jan11 x}

My 4th great Grandmother is Margaret Gosden (b abt 1777) in Mary LeBone, Bagshot. She died 7 April 1863 at Chobham. She married Thomas Wild / Wilds (b 1775 d 11 Sep 1857). They had eight children born in Bagshot, probably between the years of 1795 and 1828: Eliza, Diana , Lucy, Ann, Sarah, John, Margaret and Mary.  Of these Diana was born 16 March 1799, married Samuel Waller (born 7 June 1797) and died in America on 9 Sept 1864. But Samuel Waller died in Chelsea in 1867 - a mystery to solve!! Other names in Jane's family tree include Berry, Oliver, Newman, Legg and Wigley[Dec 08, Mar 15 x]

From Shannon : My Berry ancestors came from Bagshot. They lived on Jenkin's Hill, but we didn't know what number or name until I recently found a newspaper clipping. The address listed for one of them is "Verona", Jenkin's Hill. Does anyone know if this house still exists?  [16037 Nov 16] 

Ian has provided an answer :   Verona Cottages still exits; the address today is 115 London Road, Bagshot. Your relative was GEORGE THOMAS (Tom) TUCKER. He was my paternal Grandmother's older brother. I believe their mother was a Berry; we knew her as Granny Tucker. I have a photo of her, and also some of my Gran. I remember Tom very well. He had an Old English sheepdog called "Bo" and would visit my Gran in College Ride. Alan Gosden lived 4 doors away. I have lots of stories to tell not least of which is the night Arthur Clifford's outside toilet burned to the ground. Arson?. No he did it himself by accident! [Dec 16] 

If you know anything of these families, or are an old friend and would like to make contact then please use the message pad below.

Thomas Huddle, born in 1873

From Peter Bosley:

I am researching my grand father Thomas Huddle, born in 1873.  He appears on the 1881 Census as a resident of The Royal Albert Orphan School aged 8 years.

I understand that he joined the Gordon Highlanders as a boy soldier and I have a photograph of him in the Regiment's uniform aged probably around 15 years. The photograph was taken at a Guildford studio. He was in the band and after 11 years transferred to the Coldstream Guards band where he served for a further 21 years.

I believe he had a sister, a little older than him, who I only know as Aunt Kitt. ?

I have forwarded Peter's questions about school records to the Old Boy's Association, but can you help Peter? If you can add anything to this, or any other enquiry, please reply using the message pad below.


Annette seeks information about John and Mary Gaskoin and their daughter Mary Ann or Marianne  who was born in Bagshot and Christened on 10 Jan 1792. Mary Ann married a gentleman of the Wine Cellar and lived in Windsor and London .  Jan10


Davina writes from Spain .. 218.402

I have been tracing my ancestors for a couple of years now. They arrived in Windlesham in the early 1800s and stayed there until the 1970s. The main name that I have been tracing is Gatfield.  Family rumours have it that my great grandparents John Gatfield and Elizabeth Soan met while they were working at Bagshot Park. 

I have many lines still to follow, what happened to Theresa Gatfield who was a domestic servant in the 1881 census? Emily Gatfield and William Hawthorne who married shortly after the 1881 census? Walter Gatfield? Edith Gatfield?  I have quite a bit of information which I would be delighted to share with "distant" cousins. Other names include Rackley, Dare and Soan. 

Apparently my great Grandfather also worked for Fromows and I was wondering whether any photos existed of that time. I have the book "Nurserymen to the World" and saw that there were quite a few staff photos of Waterer's, do any still exist of the Fromows staff. 

Any help or connections would be greatly appreciated. I live in Spain so most of my research has been done over the Internet. Thanks and congratulations for a brilliant village web-site. 

From a lady in New Zealand wrote : My Grandad was a Gatfield and apparently he was spanish! I would like to know more!

I was able to introduce this lady, and Emily Gatfield and William Hawthorne's great great granddaughter, who has also written to me, to Davina. [8024.308 x]

Please reply via the message pad at the foot of the page.


Pat asks if anyone has Humfrey's in their family tree?  Her interests include Humfrey's farm and James Humfrey.  Feb 13


Graham Vitty asks : Does anyone have information on, Frederick Johnson who lived at 3 Belle Vue Cottages, Jenkins Hill between 1918 and 1935? The name Stephen Giles could also be associated with Frederick.  [Jan 19] 

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