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From Angus Kennedy: I was wondering if anyone had any memories of the Bagshot Nursery school that was started by my mother Grania Kennedy in the early/mid 60's as I as the youngest had started at Bagshot Primary School, and she had time on her hands. Originally it was held in the playroom of our house The Cottage, Jenkins Hill, opposite the Bird in Hand pub. Play time would be in our large garden. Sometime around 1970 the nursery school moved to the Methodist Church Hall half way down Jenkins Hill. Sadly my mother developed cancer in early 1976 and had to retire from the school and she sadly died in the summer of 76. I can't remember the name of Mum's partner in the nursery school who took over. But I believe it continued for some years. [Aug 18]


Marilyn writes : I lived in Bagshot from the age of four in Bagshot Green, and attended Bagshot First School. My teachers were Miss Stillwell and Mrs Ford. I am 60 yrs old now and live in Lincolnshire. I have been on the friends united web site to locate school friends of that time and also to find records of my sister Ann known as Jean Kircher and my brother Jim, who attended the local school. I have browsed your web site and find it so interesting. Looking at the older photos bring back long forgotten memories, so its been a very nostalgic journey for me. Most of my family have left Bagshot now, but some of our offspring live in the area. My father was a well known figure in Bagshot, and used to cause mayhem in the local shops, but he was well respected, and on his death, local shopkeepers and a vast majority of the "older residents" of Bagshot turned out for his farewell at St Annes church. I have such happy memories of that old town, and so may you continue to improve your site in the interests of the people to whom this is so interesting. 6124.906

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Dave Bridle writes : Some of my mother's family Kislingbury came from Bagshot and Windlesham. I have done a lot of research in to William Kislingbury and son who was a shop owner in Bagshot. William was parish overseer in the 1800's. William's wife Martha and family are buried in Bagshot cemetery.  I have found no link with this family and the Kislingbury's from Windlesham apart from they both came from the Reading area in the 1700's. To contact Dave please use the message pad below. 2006


Linley writes from New Zealand that her great grandfather George DuRose Knowles was born in Esher, Surrey as was his brother Charles William Knowles. Charles was the Head Gardener at Bagshot Park early 1900's. Among other matters, Linley would like to find school records for George and Charles' education in Esher, and Charles' children's education in Bagshot.

Charles died in 1941 and is buried in Bagshot's cemetery alongside his first wife, Sarah (nee Jones), but Linley has been unable to locate the grave of Charles' second wife, Kate.

Linley has run up against the same problem as others have that there is very little information available about people in service at Bagshot Park.

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Debbie Lee asks: Does anyone remember Alfred and Lillian Lee from Bagshot? They are my late Grandparents. My memories of Bagshot is staying with them in my school holidays and I loved every minute of it. They had a son Raymond who was my late father and a daughter. I also have a slight memory of my Great Grandfather...I beleive he was also named Alfred. My great Aunt still lives in Bagshot and I beleive in the same house for many years...if anyone has any memories of any of my family named above I would love to hear them. [Feb 12]

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George Mason & Mason's Nursery Gardens 

A horticultural student in New Zealand wrote some years ago concerning George Mason, born 1840 in Windlesham Surrey, who was an early pioneer nurseryman in Hamilton, New Zealand, from 1870 -1900. He learnt his trade in a large nursery - the "Mason Nursery Gardens" - some thirty acres his father Aaron Mason and brothers owned in Windlesham, Surrey during the period 1850 to 1920. This led to further contributions about the Mason family.

A family researcher came up with the following information

My mother is a Mason in the following line: daughter of Richard Mason (Jnr) (and Anne Clarke), son of Richard Mason (Snr) (and Frances Humfrey), son of Aaron Mason (and Elizabeth). George, I think, will be the younger brother of Richard (Jnr). 

Cherry contributed this advert from the Times newspaper of 1881
"Surrey, near Bagshot - Mason and Sons have to LET for Ascot week, or summer months, an excellent FAMILY RESIDENCE, standing in a park of 60 acres, and containing ample accommodation for a large establishment, with stabling for 10 horses."  [7084]
I found it interesting that the money-making technique of hiring out family residences near to popular sporting venues is nothing new. I imagine that the property would have been one of the many large houses in neighbouring Windlesham. I can well imagine that the Masons will have considered it preferable to describe it as "near Bagshot" than "in Windlesham" as the Bagshot name will have been better known in the wealthier classes generally due to the Duke's presence, and furthermore Bagshot has a train station with a direct line to Ascot. 8019.308

Mary Ann Mason and James Puddle

Brenda wrote: I am having trouble finding my ggg grandmother MARY ANN MASON. She was born in Bagshot in the 1820s and married a JAMES PUDDLE from Sunninghill.  I would like to find any records of her or any of her family. 439.1004

Lee says:

I'm a descendant of Richard Mason Snr through his daughter Bertha Frances (who married George Dale of Thom Dale + Sons Builders Windlesham) - then her daughter Frances Dale - to my mother Esme Hall. I do not have my notes to hand but I am pretty sure that a Mary Anne Mason is related - if she isn't one of Aaron's daughters then she could well be his granddaughter through an elder son - Daniel springs to mind - they are traceable on Census forms.

The family was largely based in Windlesham although thought to be originally from Chobham (1700s). My understanding is that on Aaron's death his elder sons emmigrated en mass to New Zealand leaving son Charles to inherit the Nurseries - however he seems to have died before he could inherit and that is how Richard Snr ended up with the Nursery - he was one of Aaron's youngest children - the next generation sees Richard jnr not inheriting but the land was left to one of his younger brothers 599.505 599.1205

I am also pretty sure Mary Anne could be one of Aaron's elder daughters. 599.505

From Neil:  Oct09

I think I can help with Mary Mason who married James Puddle (one of my Mothers ancestors). James was born 1817 Sunninghill and was a carpenter, he married Mary Mason who was born in about 1822 in Deptford, Kent, they married at Marylebone in 1846. Mary's father was William Mason and mother Susan Godwin, they married in 1816 at Deptford. Susan Godwin was born 1794 Deptford to John and Ann Godwin.

I am sure this is the Mary Ann Mason you are loooking for. Puddle was an unusual name and as such easy to trace, I can find no record of any birth of a Mary Ann Mason in Bagshot, however the 1851 and 1861 census returns show Mary born in Deptford and the 1871 and 1881 returns do show her born in Bagshot.

Further research seems to have solved this: James Puddle married a Mary Ann Hammond in Wokingham district in 1864, the year after Mary Puddle (nee Mason) had died in 1863. It looks like James had a second wife Mary Ann Hammond which has confused the issue and that you may actually be looking for Mary Mason from Deptford not Bagshot.

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Massey /  Marshall

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Please see here for the Morris removal business  


Donna's great grandfather George Nuckley (born about 1887) married Nellie Clarke in Bagshot in 1916. They lived in Morris Cottages, Jenkins Hill where George traded as a watchmaker at some time between 1920 and 1940.  Donna is keen to find out more about George Nuckley. [May-Sep 19]  

a lady in front of a doorwaySarah Bessie Owen

Wendy writes: My great-great grandmother, Sarah Bessie Owen, was living in College Ride in 1901, with her parents-in-law (Abraham & Emily Owen) and her daughter Edith. Family accounts say that she worked for the Duke of Connaught, but I have been unable to verify either this, or the house in which she lived (including whether it is still standing). We do have this picture of her in the doorway, but so far this has been of little use in helping us  to confirm anything. In 1911, she was living still in College Ride, with Robert Boyce. Aug10

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