Profile view of Queen Mother wearing a light blue coat and hat. Her Majesty is particularly remembered by the residents of Bagshot for the two occasions in recent times that she visited our parish church of St Anne.

The first was in 1974 to celebrate the centenary of the parish, the second in 1990 to unveil a memorial plaque to Lady Patricia Ramsay (Princess Patricia).

Princess Patricia was the younger daughter of the Duke of Connaught.  She lived locally and had regularly worshipped at St Anne's.

It is understood that as the young bride of the Duke of York (who was later to become King George VI on the abdication of his elder brother, King Edward VIII) Her Majesty had worshiped at St Anne's when staying at Bagshot Park as the guest of the Duke of Connaught who was her husband's uncle.

Queen mOther talking to church choir.

Queen Mother talking to a child

Very many of the tributes paid to Her Majesty  have reflected on her gift for talking to people with such interest that they feel for that moment that they, alone, are the most important person in the world.  

Whether talking to a civic dignatory or a child in the crowd, so many Bagshot residents will have cherished memories of the Queen Mother's visits to our village church.

Photos: Rob Speirs


April 2002