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18/1083 42 - 44 London Road (Jacks)

42 - 44 London Road (Jacks)

What is it?
A planning application to build a block of 46 apartment that extends to 4 stories in height.

The apartments are described as 'extra care' and the information provided by McCarthy & Stone at a consultation last year appeared to indicate that they were a combination of a traditional retirement property with aspects of a care home.

The original proposals have been revised. SHBC put out a letter dated 17 Sep that highlighted "amended plans rec'd 15/17/20129 and amended description". As at 20 Sept you have to find them on the 'interim' site (see above).

Revised plans had been displayed at a 'consultation' in June, and it seems that these are what have now been submitted.

Where is it?
Jack's fish & chips and the cottage behind, extending almost to Bridge Road.  Jack's, the cottage and various sheds and building off Half Moon Street would be demolished.

The site is outlined in yellow on this plan from the council.

Where can I find out more?
The planning application can be seen on the SHBC website here. See the tab 'documents' for details.

We would draw your attention to the following, but we are not suggesting that these are the only documents of interest:

.proposed elevations that show what it will look like

.site plan which appears to show 32 car parking places (an increase of just 1 from their earlier application) for the 46 apartments, staff, carers and visitors.

The applicant's publicity is here.

Can I express my opinion?

The published date for submitting comments was 1 Oct 2019 which has now passed. However, comments can usually still be made until the application is determined. You can check whether this has happened by looking at the application summary on the SHBC website here.

The council provides notes and guidance about making a comment or objection. This includes the opportunity to use an online form though a written letter is also acceptable.

The notes and guidance list what can, and cannot, be taken into account by the council when considering a planning application. If you are making an objection then it is no good saying "I don't like it", you have to be specific about what aspects of the application you think are wrong, for example "the height and size of the building is out of proportionn to its surrounding" - look at the list of 'material considerations' in the guidance notes and focus on these.

The application wil be reviewed by the council's committee on Thursday 11 October. We understand that comments can stil be lodged up to that date.

It is suggested that if you objected to the original objection then (assuming that the revisions do not resolve all your concerns) you should object again to the revised proposals.

Who else could I write to?
You could make sure that our local councillors are aware of your views - but this is not a substitute for formally commenting to the council. You can find who our councillors are here, and by clicking on a name you can get their contact details.

If you can identify an issue that is not listed on this page then you can tell us by emailing bagshotsociety @

What is The Bagshot Society's view?
Bagshot Society lodged an objection to the original proposal. The revisions do not satisfy our objections.

In the past, parts of the site has been subject to flooding from the Windle Brook which flows by the northern boundary.

The proposed building is much larger and higher than others in the village and will overshadow and overlook nearby properties. It will dominate the views from the village towards Bagshot Park due to its size. The building is out of character with the old part of the village, particularly the Half Moon Street end.

The A30 at this point has pollution levels near to the maximum allowed - not a healthy spot for elderly residents.

Parking spaces are inadequate for the number of residents, staff, visitors and service vehicles.

It is claimed that the development will meet the need for local elderly residents' accommodation when there are already several existing homes and others planned or being built in the Village. It is unlikely that local elderly people would be able to afford to buy a McCarthy and Stone apartment. There is, however, a shortage of affordable and social housing for people working in the area.

There is already a need for careworkers to travel into Bagshot to meet the needs of the existing population, another care home would have to recruit such people from other areas increasing traffic and needing parking.

Local health services would be stretched further to take care of so many more elderly people.

What we saw at the June consultation revised the exterior of the building and made some other changes. They have not addressed the issue of the size, bulk and dominance of the building, nor made any significant improvement to any other issue except, perhaps, flood risk.

What do others think?
You can read the submissions so far published on the SHBC website here then click on the 'documents' tab and scroll down to 'Objection Support Letters'.

We are aware that others are commenting on at least the following:

Adding to vehicular congestion.
Detremental to the visual amenity of the village.
The 'Scale and Dominance' of the proposal in its environment.
Loss of amenity (citing Jack's and its car park as a meeting place).
Negative impact of infrastructure, including sewers and the finite number of local care workers.
Inappropriate location for a home for the aged on account of noise, dust and Fumes from the A30 (which levels are already near the legal limit).
The village does not need more care homes.

Is there any advice about how best to object to, or support, a planning application?
  • Advice is provided by the council here. This includes a list of what are called 'material considerations'. These are things that are taken into account when considering an application.
  • Comments must be in writing (including email and their comment submission form) for the council to consider them.
  • Focus on matters that are 'material considerations'.
  • Don't rely upon someone else to lodge an objection. The more people who do so the better.
  • Use your own words. Don't copy-and-paste someone else's text, or reproduce someone's proform letter.
  • Comments made for previous applications will not be taken into account when a new application is being considered. If you consider that any such comments are relevant to the new application then they need to be submitted again.
    Similarly, any comments made prior to the application being submitted need to be sent again.
  • You must quote the application's reference number.

This summary of a planning application is provided as a service by The Bagshot Society for our village community.

While we have endeavoured to record what we perceive to be the key factors about this application we do not give any assurance, or accept any liability, as to its accuracy.
We have listed comments made by others in order that you may see as wide a range of opinions as practicable and does not imply our support for the comment, or even that we think they are valid.
You should check any facts that you wish to rely on by viewing the material published on the council's website, or visiting the council offices to view original material, or by making such other enquiries as are relevant to you.

You can search for, and view, all planning applications by visiting and clicking through to 'Planning Application Search'.

Information was last modified: 28 Sep 2019 15:41

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