Advertising on the Bagshot Village web site

Your business could advertise on this web site.
I am very happy to promote local charities and not-for-profit clubs without charge, but I do not provide free promotion for commercial concerns or other for-profit ventures.

What I offer businesses is

  1. A page dedicated to your advertisement and set up so that anyone using this site's search engine will be provided with a link to your advertisement page where it meets their search criteria. This page could redirect to your own web site.
  2. Plus text adverts randomly placed on the web site's pages that link either to your full advertisement on this site or to your own web site.
  3. Alternatively I can offer "sponsor this page" when in addition to the above, your text advert, and nobody else's, will always appear on the page you sponsor.

An illustration of a full page advert can be seen here and the corresponding on-page text advert is illustrated to the right.

A limited number of text adverts will appear on each significant page on the web site. Advertisements placed with me will be randomly selected with your advert being presented, on average, every seventh time a page is loaded.

When I started out this web site I was determined that I was going to concentrate on relevant content and not do as so many sites do and overload the pages with irrelevant material that is just aimed at making money. As the site has grown it is costing me more to maintain it, and I also find that many of the visitors who use my search engine are looking for Bagshot businesses. So I have decided that the inclusion of discreet advertising and sponsorship will be helpful to many of my visitors, helpful to the businesses they are looking for, help offset the cost of maintaining the site, and not compromise my ideals. I am not aiming to make a personal profit and any excess income over costs will be donated to local charities.

If you are intetested and want to make me an offer to carry your advertisement then please contact me.

Small print:

To avoid any misunderstanding - I am offering advertising on the website not the similarly named current affairs site

To advertisie on please contact me via the message pad below.

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