A new red brick and white stone building behind an older church of similar construction.Church Centre

The new Church Centre, connected to the main church building by a glazed lobby, provides meeting space, facilities for the youth group and Sunday School, toilets, kitchen and office.

A glazed lobby joining two red brick buildings The building was designed to reflect the style of the church construction and its facilities are fully accessible.

The view from the veranda is across Crown Estates parkland towards Bagshot Park itself.

The building was made possible through a legacy left to the Church by Marjorie Pike. Developing a set of plans that fitted the Church's needs and budget, and met the planning conditions imposed by the local authority, proved to be a long drawn out process. Construction took about a year and the centre was formally opened by the Bishop of Guildford in June 2006.

As well as serving the Church's youth work, the Centre is proving its value in other aspects of the Church's outreach including an expansion of interest groups and the provision of an ideal venue for family receptions associated with such events as baptisms, weddings, funerals, and re-affirmation of marriage vows. Contact the Church Office if you are interested in arranging such an event.

people informally grouped around tables in a light hall people informally grouped around tables in a light hall

interior of a kitchenThe kitchen is to a first class domestic standard, has serving hatch access to the main hall, and is provided with a full range of crockery and cutlery.

It has proved itself to be eminently suitable for serving functions as diverse as coffee after Church services, refreshments for Baptism receptions and hot meals for the Church's Men's Group.

The new Church Centre is distinct from the Parish Hall which was built in 1925 and is some distance from the Church. The Parish Hall is used by many village organisations and is available for hire for private and commercial functions.

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