Inside St Anne's Church

inside the churchThis is a view of the inside of our church looking towards the main altar and the stained glass east window behind it.

Unusually, the pulpit is on the right hand side of the nave.
The pews are made from specially imported Canadian pine.

The two poles clipped to the ends of the pews in the foreground are called 'wands' and are carried by the Churchwardens on ceremonial occasions.

The east window



The main altarmain altar is in the traditional location at the east end of the church in an area known as the sanctuary.  
The horizontal rail is where parishioner come and kneel during communion services to receive the consecrated bread and wine.

The cloth frontal to the altar is changed during the year to reflect the ecclesiastical season.  For example during lent it is a simple hessian cloth decorated with a cross.

You will observe that there is a sort of 'gate' in the rail with a section hinged back (to the left). Except when it needs to be folded down to use as a communion rail this is kept open - to signify an open and welcoming church.

detail Behind the altar is an elaborate carved structure, technically called a reredos. For a long while it was assumed that the gilt figures represented the four gospel writers, but when it was looked more closely it was realised that they were the British patron saints (St George of England, St David of Wales, St Andrew of Scotland, and St Patrick of Ireland).  Since the reredos was presented to the church by some of Queen Victoria's children in memory of their brother King Edward VII the patriotic nature of its embellishment is perhaps less surprising.

The picture on the left shows a detail from the carving along the top of the reredos.

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