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18k Easter Greetings cardEaster Greetings to you and those you love.

We have been delivering Easter Cards to all the households in the village, so I thought you might like an electronic one too.

Officially spring started in March - to be followed immediately by a spell of cold weather and snow in many parts of the country!  However the spring bulbs have all flowered, and now the daffodils are out too.  It is also quite warm and of course the days are getting longer.  Actually it has been a very mild winter.

The most notable feature of the winter has been that it has continued to be very wet.  The ground remains saturated so the rain does not soak in but runs straight off.  There have been flood alerts in many places, but thankfully I don't think there has been any  recent flooding. With the wet ground any thought of doing any gardening, at least in my garden, is quite out of the question.

The boiler house at the Parish Hall is about 4 feet below ground level (a hang-over from the 1920's when it was built, the low position for the boiler being needed to facilitate the circulation of the hot water to the radiators - no electric pumps then).  This winter, for the first time in anyone's memory the rising level of the water-table in the ground has flooded the boiler house and put the boiler out.  It has happened several times and hall users were not amused.  The boiler has now been resited on a stand in the hope of keeping it clear of any future flooding.

The major national news story at the moment is the outbreak of foot and mouth disease, I gather it even gets reported in New Zealand!  The thing that puzzles me is how did it start? How did such a disease just reappear after 30 years? Fortunately Surrey is, at least at the time of writing this, clear of the disease. It still has its impact though, most noticably with footpaths and vast areas of the countryside and parkland closed off to the public.

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