Again this year we have an ecumenical Christmas card from the four churches in Bagshot being delivered to all the houses in the village.  The churches are St Anne's (Church of England), Christ the King (Roman Catholic), Bagshot Evangelical Church and Bagshot Methodist Church.  I thought you might like this electronic copy of it.

Last year in my Christmas newsletter I wrote about, and included pictures of, the wonderful autumn colours on the trees.  Not so this year.  A very different summer, an early frost and gales have denied us a spectacular autumn.  

Though the storms were not as bad as those of 1986, none the less quite a few trees were blown down or damaged.

It seems to me that the oak trees suffered the worst.  This forlorn specimen with its upper boughs snapped off and lying at its feet is in Windsor Great Park.

a large oak tree with branches lying at its foot.


Teddies for Tragedies.

Vicar next to a display of hundreds of colourful 8 inch high knitted teddy bears
St Anne's vicar, Rev Stephen Brian, with some of the Teddies for Tragedies.

More than 200 knitted teddy bears have been made for the Mothers' Union project Teddies for Tragedies, which takes teddies to children in war-torn areas of the world. Sometimes the teddies are the only toys they have.

Ladies who were members of the former St Anne's Women's Group decided this was a project they could undertake and the knitting needles of Bagshot and environs have been red hot for six months or more.


Picture & text contributed by Lynne Cowley


Remembrance Sunday was a typically damp November day. The war memorial is in the grounds of St Anne's Church, having been relocated there from its original location at the junction of Church Road and London Road when some road widening was done many years ago. Following a church service the congregation move out of the building to observe the two minutes silence at 11 o'clock, laying of wreaths, the reading of the Roll of Honour and prayers. To protect it from the rain I had wrapped the microphone of the PA system in a plastic bag - to my embarrassment overlooking the fact that there would be a loud 'plop' every time a rain drop landed on it and a rumbling sound as the wind rustled the bag - evocative someone said of the sound of distant bombing.


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