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Christmas 2003

a stylised winter Bethlehem scene with the words 'Christmas Greetings'

Again this year the four churches in Bagshot - St Anne's (Church of England), Bagshot Methodist Church, Bagshot Evangelical Church and Christ The King (Roman Catholic) - have joined together to deliver Christmas cards to all the homes in the village. Your electronic copy, above, comes with the best wishes of all in Bagshot.

Last time I talked about St Anne's church's desire to build a church centre. and reported that a planning application had been submitted.  The wheels of local government seem to turn remarkably slowly and it was only earlier this month that a formal notice was published by them for the necessary change in use of the land that it would be built on - so the church is still waiting for an answer.

Somewhat longer ago I described the proposed traffic improvements on the A322 (Bracknell Road).  We are still waiting for something to actually happen, but I understand that a decision to reduce the speed limit where the road snakes under a bridge has now been taken.

In the last few weeks we have had a couple of significant aviation events. The centenary of the Wright brothers' first flight was a few days ago.  I guess we all reflected on the developments that have occurred since then.  One former pilot interviewed on local radio made the comparison that the length of that first flight was less than the length of one of today's jumbo jets, and the plane did not rise as high as the tail of a jumbo.  Yet for all that seemingly endless advancement a few weeks earlier we had seen the first backward step in aviation as a plane was taken out of service when there was nothing to surpass it.  I refer, or course, to Concorde - a plane which, despite its noise and pollution, endeared itself to just about every Briton.  It regularly flew over Bagshot.  My journey home takes me past Windsor under the Heathrow flight path and on the last full day of operation I glanced up along the stack of aircraft and realised that the third one in the queue was not a conventional shape, so I pulled over into the slow lane and made the most of my last good view of Concorde.

We were all concerned for the health of the Countess of Wessex and her child after the emergency delivery, and delighted for them when they were able to leave hospital.  Now our children could say that they were born in the same hospital as a Royal.  

In this picture, the Earl and Countess are seen at St Anne's flower festival in 2002.

The Earl and Countess talking to a member of the public with others looking on.

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