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Easter Greetings from Bagshot

The picture alongside is from Palm Sunday rather than Easter itself. A symbolic cross made from a palm leaf and traditionally given to worshippers on Palm Sunday as a reminder of Jesus's triumphant ride into Jerusalem on a donkey and the crowds lining the road with palm branches. Such a difference to the events of a week later, and a poignant reminder of how fickle public opinion (or is it crowd manipulation) can be.

purple crocus flowers It is surely no accident that we celebrate Easter (in the northern hemisphere) at a time of rebirth as the bright new flowers adorn our gardens and remind us of the pleasure we have to look forward to as the days get warmer and longer.

Winter is not far behind us though, and looking at the dates on my photographs I am reminded that the  snow scene was taken in early March and the spring flowers just two weeks later.  The swathe of daffodils seen further down the page is the green clump seen in the snow - all the flowers came out in the space of a couple of days.

a light covering of snow on grass wit some daffodils, a bare tree with a bird nesting box 
and other garden items. The winter has not been very severe here in Bagshot.  We have had a few very cold days, but these have been countered by warm days such that the weathermen tell us that the average temperature has been a little above normal.

We have had very little snow, this picture with its rather pathetic covering was about the only opportunity I had to take a snow scene.

It has also been very dry with little rain, to the extend that over on the east side of the county the water company is already threatening supply restrictions because of inadequate resources!

I've seen one bird taking an interest in the nesting box seen in the tree at the top of the picture - we will have to wait and see if it gets used this year.  Mind you, I did not realise last year that the box was inhabited until most of the tit's brood had flown.

a three storey brick and cement rendered buildingA year ago I described planning applications being made for the old Cedars dwelling, and of a new development behind it. The new building is now complete and I am pleased to say that in its finished state it looks a bit better than it did while under construction.

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a swathe of white daffodil flowers.

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yellow daffodil flowerIn the family enquiries area

With best wishes to you, and those you hold dear.
God Bless,
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