Greetings from Bagshot

Sharon Cross, curator of the local museum, is planning an exhibition later this year to be called Looking Back at Bagshot. She wants to gather reminiscences for this and I am sure that many of you who contribute to this website should be able to provide her with a wealth of material.  Topics might include what was the village like then? Where did local people work and shop? What did they do for entertainment? Where did teenagers go to socialise? Family life, school and work were all different in the pre-computer age, when fewer residents had cars and a TV was still a luxury. Sharon would love to hear from you. If you have memories which could be included, photographs which you would be prepared to loan for copying, or items for display please contact  her. Memories can be included anonymously or attributed to the writer, as preferred.  Website:  SURREY HEATH MUSEUM , email or phone 01276 708284.

A large red flowerI know why the press call the summer months the 'silly season' - nothing much happens! I've been scratching my head to think what news I can include here this time - and the answer is not a lot. The water main under the bypass burst for the umpteenth time - which must get most frustrating for Jack's Fish & Chips, and those who want to eat there, as it puts them out of action until it all gets sorted out. We've had a 'zebra' pedestrian crossing installed in the High Street - how it could take over three weeks for the work beats me.  Oh yes, and the silliest item of all has to be the Broadmoor Siren - it is tested every Monday with a few seconds 'alarm' followed by the 'all clear'. But for what seemed like months it was going the wrong way round.  Apparently the phone company had, quite literally, got the wires crossed.  It is a good job it was not required for a real!

I have had a lot of messages come in since the last newsletter, and must apologise to those writers whose reply was somewhat delayed.  It's hardly an excuse but this Family History lark is far too addictive!

Following the piece in the last newsletter about the Silver Jubilee celebrations, I received this from Frank Papworth, now living in Western Australia

It was good to see the item on the Silver Jubilee. I remember it well for so many reasons, dad (Edd Papworth) was a key organiser and spent month organising, the storm that threatened to wash out the event but just caused a short break before everyone let loose for a riotous evening, being beaten in the final of the tug of war by a group of 15 stone babies and girls (at least that how they were dressed. I doubt Bagshot had seen anything like it before and may never again. Our friends from near and far came, participated and still talk about what a great day it was.

Thanks for the memory. Keep up the good work. I'll pass on a printed copy to mum dad who are still fit and well.

a collection of fruit and vegitablesAlong with lots of correspondence, as I mentioned earlier, come lots of new material on the website, including

With best wishes to you and those you hold dear.

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