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New enquiries include If you are researching your family history you might be interested in a snippet of information I came across recently.  As evidenced by comments made on the page about the Royal Albert Orphan School, it was not unusual to find someone who is recorded as being an orphan when they still had one parent alive.  Apparently in Victorian times the term 'orphan' was used to describe someone who had lost one or both parents, and in some quarters this definition continues to be used.


As I write this we have just had the 100th anniversary of the start of WW1 - or the Great War, or the war to end all wars, as it was hoped it would be. Those planning events to mark this occasion have been very careful in their choice of words - 'commemorate' or 'remember', never celebrate.

In Bagshot we have had two events. St Anne's church organised a Commemorative Concert by the lake in the grounds of Beech House. On a gloriously hot day, Bagshot Concert Band, under their Director of Music, Roger Saunders, played a wide ranging selection of music to an audience of about 200. Tea and cakes were served in the interval during which we were also treated to a flypast by the RAF's Red Arrows (ok, it was Farnborough Air Show weekend) and in part two we had songs from the period with full audience participation.

a band and audience seated under canvas sun roofs, viewed across a lake with reflections and with an ornate pink building behind

Walking through Bagshot after 10pm on the evening of 4th August (the anniversary of Britain declaring war) the village was strangely dark and quiet as many households participated in the British Legion's "Lights Out" as a sign of remembrance. I was making my way to the village's War Memorial where about a hundred people gathered for a candle light vigil with words and music appropriate to the occasion.

stone war memorial with wreaths and candles

Prompted by the anniversary several of us have been researching the lives of the people who are commemorated on the War Memorial and on the Roll of Honour. Brief details are relatively easy to find from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, these give the soldier's rank, regiment and date of death, and may briefly identify the next-of-kin. Delving into census and parish records reveals the place the person held in our community and helps give us a glimpse of the sacrifice made by the loved ones they left behind. This research, which is still work-in-progress, can be seen here. I would be pleased to hear from you if any of these people were your forebears, especially if you can contribute to this tribute.

Progress reports

In the last newsletter I wrote of several pending developments. Here is an update:

Flood relief

Earlier in the year the south east of England had suffered extensive and prolonged rain, saturating all the water courses and resulting in flood levels moving down rivers such as the Thames. Our stream, the Windle Brook, has a small catchment area and whilst it rose high it did not flood. However nearby communities in the Thames basin were not so fortunate and many houses suffered prolonged flooding. Bagshot was one of the communities who came to their aid. A collection centre was set up in a vacant shop and messages went out to our residents reporting the current needs of those affected. The response was overwhelming and numerous loads of food, bedding and cleaning materials were shipped off.

a group og people, many holding mops and other cleaning implements, with the Mayor in a bright red costume

I will confess that this photo is best described as a staged photo opportunity when the Mayor visited Bagshot's collection centre towards the end of the appeal when the flood victims' needs were for cleaning materials.  

'New' trains

We have some 'new' trains running on our line in green and silver livery.  There is a notice on Ascot station extolling their virtues - but nothing on our station. They are second hand trains in need of refurbishment and the green and silver livery is that of their previous owners, Southern Railway, with their logo painted out.  I hope the refurbishment provides seats that are more comfortable than they have at present.  Apparently part of the plan is to be able to carry more passengers - less seats so that there is more room for standing!  


Our library continues to flourish with its volunteer staff. Their 'honeymoon' period, when a member of county staff was always there as backup, is over. The volunteers are not totally on their own though, county staff are available on a help line to deal with any issues that the volunteers are not able to resolve.

New Vicar of Bagshot

Our vicar left in January to take up an appointment in Canada. I was anticipating that it might be some while before a new incumbent was appointed, but no, Rev Andreas Sistig is moving to Bagshot from Fleet where he was Associate Vicar. He takes up his post in September.

With best wishes to you and those you hold dear.

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