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Christmas Greetings from Bagshot

bulbous flowers and red flowers on tall gree growthAs I write this in mid December it really does not seem as though Christmas is nearly upon us, even though I have added some winter images to this page. The temperature outside is nearly 12C and it does not seem very long ago that I last picked raspberries and runner beans.

trees with blobs in themYet all of a sudden the trees have lost their leaves to reveal large growths of misletoe high in their branches. 

Here in the south the autumn has been mild and with only moderate rain.  Our hearts go out to those in the north who have suffered snow and extreme rain that has resulted in flooded homes.  

Last time I reported, rather despairingly, how the A30 was to be dug up a third time in order to lay a fibre optic cable all the way to Blackwater.  We were delighted to find that this work caused minimal problems - perhaps because it was not buried very deep, and for the most part under the pavement rather than in the middle of the road.

The new development on what was the Waterers nursery site is still not complete.  The final building is there - but only partially occupied.  I understand that the planning consent that was sought and granted was for the building to house a supermarket and the continuation of the former garden centre business.  The supermarket is in place but the space for the garden centre centre business is vacant. I am told that they have pulled out and want, instead, to create what some locals are describing as a mini-retail park that will conflict with the interests of the local High Street shops.

A Royal Tournament in Bagshot Park

Terry has written asking about a tournament held in Bagshot Park on 29th August 1830 to raise funds for the building of St Anne's Church.  To put this in context - Queen Victoria's son HRH Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught, lived in Bagshot Park, indeed the present house was built by the Queen for him.  The Duke was largely responsible for the building of the Parish Church and numerous fund-raising events were held.  I had heard stories of fetes and the like being held in the Park with special trains being laid on to bring the nobility down from London. But I had not heard of a Military Tournament.  

Terry has identified a lengthy newspaper article in The Daily News of August 30th 1883 which waxes lyrically about the competitive event.  While this newspaper report does not specifically mention any boxing, Terry writes that a relative of his was one of four boxers who were photographed.  He is anxious to find out anything more about the tournament.  

War Memorial Project

I have been participating with others in a project to research the lives of those from WW1 who are commemorated on the village War Memorial and on the Roll of Honour that is displayed inside the parish church - both their lives and the effect that their death had on their family.  Some people have proved more difficult than others. 

We have been unable to identify any connection with Bagshot for several people:

The complete list and the outline life histories is here.  In many cases I've just said something like "they had 2 children", I've not named them because they may still be alive.  Are you able to add anything to this record?  Plesae get in touch if you can.

Bagshot WI meet the Queen

This year has been the centenary of the founding of the Women's Institute and among the celebrations was an event held in The Royal Albert Hall and attended by Her Majesty the Queen, HRH the Princess Royal and HRH Sophie, Countess of Wessex.   Representatives of the 'home' WIs of the Royalty were invited to be seated in the Royal Box.  These were Sandringham WI (the Queen is its honorary President),  Cirencester WI which has the Princess Royal as a member, and Bagshot WI on account of the Countess of Wessex.  Bagshot WI is itself 93 years old.  An event that some proud Bagshot ladies will remember for a very long time.
a lady greeting HM the Queen The Queen being introduced to a group of 4 ladies


Margaret asks if anyone knows the history of the nativity set which used to be in Bagshot shop windows during Advent in the 1960's and 1970's and which is now at St Anne's Church.

The Chobham Common and PoW camp saga rolls on.

James would like to contact his half-brother Paul Roberts born Woking November 1965, and also asks after Williams, Wright, Hayes & Catchpole

John Tait asks about the history of 69 High St

Ernest Potter is  keen to learn of any members of the Parker/Bowers family line descended, like him, from Walker Bowers.

Chris Speed and would like to know if any photos exist of the Park View cottages which were built in 1885. [Aug 15]  


Updates since the last newsletter include:

With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to you and those you hold dear.

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