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My last newsletter, prior to Easter seems a very long time ago.

Easter was saddened by the news of the death of the Queen Mother.  We have fond memories of Her Majesty who twice visited St Anne's Church in recent times. Recollections of the last of those visits have been added here.
If you have followed the saga of the White Hart develop in the "any knowledge" page you will recall that a near-derelict white building in Bridge Road is all that remains of the original White Hart Inn. Well, that was demolished on 31 May 2002. 

The location of the Maternity Home (Nursing Home) has been resolved, and the date of its closure established. 
We have quite a bit more information about the Broadmoor Sirens

The forms I use to facilitate sending messages is a service provided by another community web site.  For a period about April there was a bit of a problem with it.  Some correspondents had to use regular email.  I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

A ball of red, white and blue flowers

June saw the celebrations for the Queen's Golden Jubilee.  The date coincided with the football World Cup and so it was a little hard to tell which patriotic flag waving was on account of which.  But the public affection shown for Her Majesty exceeded all expectations and certainly confounded the minority who think that the age of a monarchy is over.  Several Jubilee events were held in Bagshot from a flower festival and concert in St Anne's church to street parties (even if not actually held this time in the middle of the road!).  All the pictures on this page were taken at the flower festival, which was honoured by a visit by Their Royal Highnesses the Earl & Countess of Wessex who live in Bagshot Park.
An arrangement of flowers An arrangemnet of flowers with a violin in front of carved oak church choir stalls.
The dozens of displays at the festival covered many themes and styles, and were provided by many local organisations and individuals.  To single out a few to show here is always a danger, but among those that particularly caught my eye was the choir's decoration of the choir stalls with a display that combined flowers and musical instruments, and a tall spiralling display set off against one of the vicar's robes.
The Earl and Countess talking to a member of the public with others looking on.

Their Royal Highnesses the Earl & Countess of Wessex at St Anne's Church on the occasion of the church's flower festival to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee.

An arrangement of red, white and blue flowers above a sceptre and orb.

Ascot is the next stop to us on the railway line and during the Royal Ascot race meeting in June we are treated to the sight of Pullman trains going though our little station.  We also suffer enormous road traffic problems just after the last race!

The Pullman was not the only unusual train seen on our line this year.  On two Sundays during the Jubilee celebrations we had a steam train make a couple of trips. The train is one of those on the Watercress Line, a preserved line that runs between Alton and Alresford in Hampshire
Flowers arranged on a modernistic spiral frame, positioned in front of a traditional priest's robe.
The weather this summer has been generally very dry, but at the beginning of August there were several days of widespread heavy rain which caused flash floods in several areas of the country. The Windle Brook runs through our village and was swollen by the waters running off its quite limited catchment area to a sufficient extent to cause it to overflow its banks.  Unfortunately a number of low lying houses were flooded.  That the whole episode was over in a few hours is no consolation to those affected.  The local tip reflected the sad state of affairs the following weekend as many vehicles disgorged sodden carpets and damaged furniture.

I have had an interesting train of correspondence with a gentleman who used to live in Bagshot about Central Garage. We now have intriguing series of pictures of one building over a period of about100 years

Other revisions to the website since the Easter newsletter include: 

With best wishes to you, and those you hold dear. 
God Bless, 


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Baskets of flowers

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