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I get several bounce back as undeliverable because the intended recipient has changed their email address, and I have no way of knowing what it has changed to.  So if you change your email please remember to put me on the list of people to tell if you want to keep in touch.

You will appreciate that it is particularly annoying if you have posted an enquiry on the website and then when I get a reply I am unable to forward it to you.

There are two very obvious causes of changed email addresses. The first is when I've been given a business email address and either you change employer, or the employer changes their name and with it their email address. The second is if you use an email address tied to your Internet Service Provider (addresses such as and and you change your ISP.  For both of these situations there is a simple solution to the risk of loosing an email address that you have given to people such as myself who mail only occasionally, and that is to use an email address from one of the many web-based free email service providers. These three seem to be very popular, but there are many others: (Google), (Microsoft Windows Live / Hotmail) and (Yahoo).

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